Watchguard Firebox SVN Errors

Since I installed our new Watchguard Firebox X750e, I’ve been unable to use Subversion from work. I always received this kind of response: jmoore@www:/usr/web/wordpress> svn switch svn: PROPFIND request failed on ‘/wordpress/tags/2.0.4′ svn: PROPFIND of ‘/wordpress/tags/2.0.4′: 400 Bad request: request method not supported ( I suspected the new Firebox was to blame, but up […]

Swimming in SonicWALL

Since posting last week about my troubles treading in to SonicWALL water, I think my issues have all been resolved and things are really humming right along. Truth be told, the problem was really a combination of user-error and user-ignorance. If you follow me at all on Twitter, you already know that I had major, […]

Treading in to SonicWALL Waters

As previously mentioned, we’re switching away from a one-year old Watchguard Core x750e to SonicWALL NSA 3500 at my place of employment in order to deploy a nice, widespread (geographically speaking), and expensive VPN. I received the first half of my gear from Mark Moreno two weeks ago and immediately unboxed the NSA. It’s quite […]

Big Project Ahead

The blogging has been pretty sparse here lately, and I’m quite aware of that fact. Most of the action for me has started happening over on Twitter because its so quick and easy. I kicked off a major project or three at work this week and they’re all dependant on one central project: a massive […]

Life in the IT World

It’s 7:45 PM as I start to write this and I’m still in the office. I just finished upgrading our old trusty firewall, a Watchguard Firebox III 700, to a much faster (and sexier!) Firebox X750e. It’s thinner (by one-half rack unit) and much faster than it’s predecessor. So far, I’d say that the Fireware […]


I’m long overdue for a format/install on my Windows XP machine at work. Courtesy of AIDA32: Operating System Properties OS Name: Microsoft Windows XP Professional OS Code Name: Whistler OS Language: English (United States) OS Kernel Type: Uniprocessor Free OS Version: 5.1.2600 (WinXP Retail) OS Service Pack: Service Pack 2 OS Installation Date: 1/18/2005 OS […]