Moscow 2008 Photos Online

It took many hours to upload, even with the full 3Mbps upstream link at the office, but I managed to get my photos from Moscow uploaded to Flickr late Monday afternoon. There are 581 photos in the set, so even if you put the slideshow mode on “Fast” you’ll be there a while. I did […]

Moscow Update

Finally got a few minutes. Things are going great so far. Can’t wait to get back and share what God has been doing here in Northern Moscow with everyone. Myself and the rest of the team can really feel your prayers, so keep them coming! I don’t have time to write a full post now, […]

Moscow Bound

We’re minutes away from going to bed. We’ll be waking up around 3:30AM on Thursday morning to head to church to meet up with our mission team and leave for the airport. Yes, that time will probably already have passed by the time you read this. This will be our third trip to Moscow, the […]

Moscow Update

I thought I’d take a few minutes and update everyone on my mission team’s plans for March of next year. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ll be visiting Moscow the last week of March and we’ve been working hard making sure that we’ll have the funds needed. We got some coverage in the local newspaper and […]

Greetingsfrom Moscow!

I have a just a few minutes and I’ve been awake for more than 30 hours now, so I’ll have to make this brief. The flight was uneventful and extremely smooth. We had about 80 or 90 empty seats on the 767, so we were able to spread out and I got myself an exit […]

Moscow Bound, part I

Av8ur here. Our wantmoore friends are currently (as of 4:24pm EST) airborne over the eastern edge of Newfoundland on their 767, probably cruising at about 450 knots. Below is a shot Justin sent me from his cell phone – what a view they’ll have ;). As Justin mentioned before I’ll be updating here pending emails […]