Big news…

This may come as a surprise to some and maybe even disappointment to others, but this will be my final semester at Gardner-Webb. I’ve been unhappy here since sometime during Fall semester 2001 when I had my first programming class. Following that wonderful experieince with programming, two other equally displeasing programming classes followed this past Fall semester. At that point, I knew I was abandoning my original major of Information Systems Management. Luckily for me, or so I thought, I had developed somewhat of a love for accounting. So maybe I can major in business and minor in accounting right? Well, I’m still not totally satisfied with the education from this place and chances are, with changing majors, I won’t graduate on time regardless.

So, let’s move on. I’ve got my own place in Shelby to live now. And work is going well. I do hope to find something else in the coming months. Whether it be part time to supplement what I’m making now, or something full time and more permanent in relation to computers. I’ll be enrolling at Cleveland Community in the fall to pursue a two-year degree in networking. If everything transfers like I’m hoping, I’ll graduate next May. Over the course of the next year, I’m also gonna start working on getting myself some career-oriented credentials. One year from now I hope to be certified in at least one area. More than likely, A+. The sky’s the limit in this field. MCSE, CCNA, WCP, CCIE and so on and so on.

I’m interested in knowing your reaction to this news, so please feel free to comment…

it’s official

I got it! Apartment 18 at The Carousel belongs to me! I actually have a place to call “my home.” I’m ecstatic to say the least. I can start moving in next week and I definitely will get some before and after pictures. If anyone knows of anywhere in the Shelby area to get artwork, let me know. In particular, I want to get a reproduction (replica painting) of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Well, I’m off to bed now. Goodnight world

home sweet home

I finally found somewhere to live. It’s an awesome little townhouse apartment on West Marion St, about 2 minutes from downtown Shelby. My favorite part is that it’s two stories! Update: I’ll try to get some pictures today and get them up as soon as possible!

Late again

I’m never on time for Chemistry, and we have a test today. I overslept and I haven’t studied, so I don’t think I’ll go. I say screw it. Dr. T has been more than nice to me, but maybe I’ve gotten one more favor saved up and I can retake it later.

still more updating

b2 (the program that I use for this blog) has a new version, so I just updated it. Which is good news, considering somehow I had managed to mangle the previous installation and caused it not to show all my entries. But due to lack of effort and some partial forgetfullness, I didn’t back up the template, so I’m back to square one as far as colors are concerned. That may be a good thing though I’m fairly sure that it was in that tempalte where I had screwed up the code.

Anywho, gotta get to work on that. And I have to resize all the images being used on the site’s main page. They’re beautiful on m display, but I’m running at a very high resolution on a 19″ Trinitron :)

Once again, if you’re reading, comments are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED ;) and y’all think I’m lazy cause I don’t write very often :p

more updates

Well, I think that’s enough for the day. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE leave some comments or email me and let me know whatcha think? I feel like all my hours are being wasted. So please, take 2 minutes, and let me know if its good, bad, nice, ugly. Just be honest!

More changes still to come, but I feel like I’m learning a lot about PHP, CSS and even more HTML as I go here. Programming is still a foreign language though…

apparent publicity

I’m excited! After months of blood, sweat, and tears, (not really) my hard work has paid off. Added to the blog yesterday was a link to As part of that, I had to reconfigure an option or two in my blogging program on the server side. Now, when I update (like I am at this moment) it pings a server for So anywho, to get to the point, my first ever blog comment was left today by Chris who you can find over at his site. So do me and him a favor and click on over and see whats up in his neck of the woods.

Until next time….

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