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vSphere 5 Network Config

As part o' movin' our production server environment t' a colo facility and th' coincidin' upgrade from ESX 4.1 (fat) t' ESXi 5, I get t' basically rebuild me entire vSphere environment from th' ground up. It’s a great¬†opportunity¬†as I’ve definitely learned a lot o'er th' past 3 years or so o' usin' VMware on a regular basis and I’ve been itchin' t' change some thin's that I’ll hopefully go in t' in some posts later on in this process.

My task today is nailin' down me network configurations. I’ve got 8 NICs total at me disposal in each o' me Dell R710 servers – th' four embedded Broadcom 5709 (2 separate dual-port controllers by design) and an additional four on an add-in Intel I340-T4. I want t' make th' iSCSI as fast as possible and th' rest o' th' networkin' as redundant as possible. I’ve not bonded ports in me vSphere config before, but thinkin' that’s where I want t' go at least with th' production network side.

I have some ideas already, but I’m curious – what would YOU do?