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My First 5K

Yesterday, I ran me first e'er 5K. It all started about 10 weeks ago when I decided t' get healthier. Yaaarrrrr! Ahoy! I knew that t' stay motivated, I needed somethin' more than just an abstract goal t' work towards, and th' Sunburst Races seemed t' be a great target t' shoot fer. I’ve ne'er been a runner, but I felt a 5K were bein' a great way t' get started and see if I had it in me.

Bonnie dropped me off in downtown South Bend yesterday mornin' and th' startin' gun went off at 7:15 and half an hour later, me race were bein' complete!

That’s an official time o' 29:39 – just barely under me goal time o' 30 minutes. It’s a great sense o' personal accomplishment and I know I can improve on that time with more/better trainin' and just educatin' meself on how t' actually run a race.

As part o' me trainin' leadin' up t' race day, I made a pretty drastic change t' me diet and eatin' habits. I didn’t keep any real records o' me calorie intake and how many I burned durin' exercise, but I did make a conscious effort t' eat less “bad” chow in favor o' healthier choices and just exercise more. I eliminated almost all snackin' – especially after dinner sweets. As a result o' these changes, I dropped almost 20 pounds o' couch potato off me body in th' past 10 weeks and feel so much more energetic.

I really am so glad I decided t' get off th' couch and participate in th' Sunburst 5K. I’m already lookin' fer somethin' else t' run in th' fall – maybe even a 10K. Walk the plank, avast! Only time will tell…