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the bunnies

I might be asking to have my bandwidth killed for the month, but if you haven’t seen the ToysRUs Easter Sale Commercial, you gotta watch this.

If you have trouble getting it to play in your browser, you can click here for the direct link and open the file in a media player of your choice.

more 24

In case I’ve never mentioned it here, Brandon has gotten me hooked on watching 24 lately. The final 9 episodes of this season started last week and man are they great so far. Tonight’s hour was fantastic as well. We’re both upset though that Michelle is very likely to die…

Check it out on Fox, Tuesday nights @ 9. Anyone interested in the CSI style of show would likely enjoy it.

this fall

Some of you may already know, but for those uninformed, CBS is adding a third location this fall for C.S.I. The new show, C.S.I. New York, will apparently star none other than Gary Sinese as the lead criminalist. I’ve been curious for a while now about who would be selected for the role and it was someone I would’ve never guesed. For those too lazy to click through the IMDb link, Sinese’s most widely known role is arguably playing Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump. Well, the writing will be good and hopefully they’ll keep him as a clean cut guy and lose the grunge look which I always picture in my head with him. If they do that and then surround him with an awesome supporting cast, it will still be an excellent show. Can’t wait to see who the token hot scientist is gonna be….


l0nd0n had a link on his blog today for a the FedEx commercial “Doomed” where the men over dramatize the shipping problem they have. While checking it out, i found *my* personal favorite, the “I have an MBA…” ad. Check it out! (Quicktime or it’s alternative required.)

pull the plug

I called Time Warner this afternoon and cancelled all of my current cable services, except of course my Road Runner account. No more digital cable, HBO, or most importantly, my DVR! I’ll probably end up losing my mind in the course of the next couple of weeks, but cash is tight around here so I’m cutting back where I can. In some slight opposition from a close friend, when the money returns, I’ll likely become a DirecTV customer, for the simple fact that their DVR service is actually a real TiVO unit and it’s cheaper.

So, farewell cable box and expensive bill!

ads revisited

So I finally found a page that lists all the Super Bowl ads and even allows you to watch them. The commercials can all be seen here. The 200k streams in Windows Media format look excellent here on my setup, but if you’re on dialup, just use the 56k ones. They’ll be good enough for a quick watch.

So, without further adieu, my very own “Top Ten Superbowl Commericials of 2004″ (all automobile and pharmaceutical ads disqualified for lack of interest and/or innovation):

10) Staples: Randy the Supply Supervisor
9) Budweiser: Clydesdale Donkey
8) Pepsi: Busted Music Downloaders
7) IBM Linux: Shake Up the World
6) Bud Light: ‘Fergus, Bud Light!’
5) NFL: Singing “Tomorrow”
4) MasterCard: Homer Gets His Errands Done
3) Budweiser: Wrong Lipstick (w/ Dale Jr.)
2) Bud Light: Talking Horny Monkey
Drumroll please….
1) Budweiser: Yelling Like a Ref

And why not list my 5 LEAST favorite also:
5) Dodge:Monkey on the Back
4) Pepsi: Purple Haze
3) AOL 9: Motorcycle
2) AOL 9: Slow Ride
1) AOL 9: Car

So, what was your favorite? Let me know!

showing off

Well, what an interesting evening. Our hometeam Carolina Panthers, more specifically John Kasay, managed to choke in the final minutes of the Super Bowl. I honestly feel like they could have won. A few bad decisions on John Fox’s part skewed the outcome if you ask me. If they would’ve not elected to go for the two-point conversions, they would’ve been up two points in the final minutes, giving them more of a sense of hope. Of course, Kasay shanking the final punt didn’t help matters. It was only a free twenty yards.

How exciting though?! The “Cardiac Cats” managed to compete at such an intense level yet again. I feel the worst for Jake Delhomme, as he had an excellent game. The defense let him down a bit, and of course, Kasay shanking the final punt didn’t help matters. All I can figure is that Kasay was anxious to get back home so he could start looking for pictures of Janet Jackson’s exposed right breast. This article on the Drudge Report spills the info that Viacom/MTV promised “shocking moments” in the halftime show HOURS before the show began.

As far as commercials are concerned, the beer companies (Anheuser-Busch to be more specific) pulled through as always and BLEW AWAY all the other ads. I meant to take notes but the Budweiser commericals were excellent. I don’t really remember too many of the other ones, so that must not have been too fantastic. I encourage comments about this though, as I’d love to discuss them all. My “most bizarre” award goes to Cialis for claiming that it lasts 36 hours. Wow, what else can I say. Award for “most disgusting funny” would be given to the Bud Light commercial in which the horse’s rear becomes a rocket after being lit by the candle.

If I remember more about them all I’ll write some more, but if not, I still wanna hear your thoughts on the entire game. The halftime show, the commercials or even about the game itself, just click the comments link and leave your opinion.


Well I’ve been living in the new house for over a week now and things have never been better. I have digital cable now and I was able to get a DVR box as my receiver. I love it. The Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8000 is perfect for me. Pause and rewind live TV, record all my favorite shows automatically each week. It’s just a fantastic device. As a matter of fact, I can hardly stand to sit down and watch anything live now without getting the urge to want to fast forward through all the commercials. So nice though to never have to worry about missing CSI or CSI Miami :)