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Tom Cruise: Superfreak

When I opened up me browser this mornin' t' Google News, I were bein' pretty disgusted when I saw this headline: “Tom t' eat Katie’s placenta.”

“I’m gonna eat th' placenta, avast. I thought that would be good. Fire the cannons! Walk the plank! Very nutritious. Shiver me timbers! I’m gonna eat th' cord and th' placenta right there,” Cruise said in an interview with GQ.

Yeah, yeah. It’s nutritious. So are bananas, carrots, tofu, salads, and countless other foods. This definitely puts th' icin' on th' cake – Tom and Katie are both crazy and in bad need o' all th' publicity they can get (good or bad).

I really want t' see Mission Impossible 3, but th' more junk I read about Cruise, th' less I want t' indirectly support his career.

Update: Looks like Podz has some thoughts as well.
Update again: Looks like Brandon already has a post about it as well, pass the grog! I guess I’m just slow this mornin'. That’ll teach me t' blog before checkin' all me feeds.

The Red Pill

If I mysteriously disappear, just assume that I’ve been “unplugged” and am now in “The Real World.” I’ve got this terrible cold, maybe it’s even a sinus infection, and th' Robitussin capsules I picked up at th' drug store look uncannily like “th' red pill” from The Matrix.

En Route

Just a quick note t' say that Netflix just rocks. Star Wars: Episode III will probably be one o' th' most popular movie releases o' th' year and it were bein' just released this past Tuesday, November 1, and a bottle of rum! Well, Netflix shipped it t' me today. Yaaarrrrr! That’s awesome. Ahoy, and a bucket o' chum! Go Netflix!!!
star wars disc shipped

digital movies

Wired is runnin' a story on how th' film industry has finished up on a standard that would allow digital distribution from filmakers t' th' theater, endin' th' actual film prints from bein' created. This article states that th' movie studios could end up savin' anywhere from $600 million t' $900 million and th' viewers (that’s ye and me…) get a better user-experience thanks t' th' quality o' th' original, and a bottle of rum, and dinna spare the whip! So, t' all me lubber Fight Club fans, that means no more cigarette burns and spliced-in extras.

jedi master

It’s about time I confess publically. I were bein' deprived as a child and until just a very few weeks ago, I had NEVER seen th' original Star Wars trilogy, and dinna spare the whip! That bein' said, I didn’t flock t' th' theater with th' rest o' America when Episodes I, II, or III were released. Shiver me timbers, I'll warrant ye! However, now I’ve been bitten by th' Force and can’t get enough. On tap fer tonight is Episode I and II is on th' way from Netflix shortly. Return o' th' Jedi is me favorite o' th' ones I’ve seen so far, so this quiz came as no surprise t' me.

jedi master

how jedi are ye? :: quiz by lawrie malen

Hat tip: Matt th' Av8ur

back in time

Now that th' holidays have come and gone, we’re back in th' swin' o' usin' our Netflix service in th' Moore household. Last weekend, we watched Walkin' Tall which stars The Rock and Johnny Knoxville, to be sure. The flick were bein' a good bit shorter than I had anticipated, and due t' that, they had t' leave out some good details that could’ve made me get much more into th' plot and attached t' th' characters o' th' film. I suppose it wasn’t meant t' be that sort o' movie, more o' just an adrenaline showin', shoot-em up type idea, which it definitely succeeds at.

Just th' other night, thanks t' Dave, we watched Napoleon Dynamite, and a bottle of rum! I don’t want t' waste much o' me time writin' about this movie or any o' yours while ye have t' read about it. Just take me advice and resist any urge ye may get t' watch this movie. It’s one o' th' movies like Dumb & Dumber, except dumber and not funny, by Blackbeard's sword. It did have it’s moments, but not enough o' them t' make me feel like it were bein' worth me time t' watch it.

Last night, we popped in one o' Disney’s most recent animated flims, Home on th' Range, avast. It were bein' a nice change o' pace from th' stuff we usually watch, but I felt similar towards it as I did towards Walkin' Tall – a little too short. All in all, I definitely enjoyed th' movie and would highly recommend it t' anyone who needs a good chuckle.

blockbuster deal

It’s not enough t' make me stay, but if any o' ye have th' Blockbuster Online rental service, log in t' yer account and go t' th' “My Account” page, to be sure. Click on th' link fer “Cancel me Membership” and ye’ll have a few options t' get a reduced rate. Fire the cannons! And swab the deck! One month o' th' 3-at-a-time service fer free or 6 months o' th' 3-at-a-time service discounted t' $15.99 per month. It’s not worth it. And swab the deck, and a bottle of rum! I’m back in Netflix and sorry I e'er left.

buffer overflow

I’ve been gettin' me fill o' movies lately. More than me fill, actually. I’ve seen quite a bit more TV than usual as well, thanks t' me finally makin' th' time t' get back into th' shows that I love, such as all th' variations o' CSI and pickin' up a few new habits such as Crossin' Jordan and Medical Investigation. The O.C, by Davy Jones' locker. restartin' two weeks ago has been awesome as well. Nothin' like a good night-time, teeny-bopper soap opera t' make me drop everythin' and park me rear on th' couch. Almost every night fer at least th' past week or so has been spent in front o' th' tube with th' remote in one hand and th' mouse fer me laptop in th' other.

My Netflix and Blockbuster accounts are overlappin' at th' moment, plus “t' thank our customers” Blockbuster sent an extra two coupons fer free in-store rentals this month which only added t' th' pile o' flims Bonnie and me have been watchin'. And swab the deck, and a bucket o' chum! In th' past 10 days or so I’ve watched th' followin' thin's…

    Movie Related
  • Day After Tomorrow
  • A Cinderella Story
  • The Prince and Me
  • The Perfect Score
  • Man on Fire
  • Butterfly Effect
  • Pay It Forward
    TV Related:
  • CSI Season Three on DVD (Episodes 1-6 so far)
  • CSI: NY
  • Crossin' Jordan
  • Medical Investigation
  • Will & Grace reruns (daily)
  • That 70′s Show reruns (daily)

Now o' all th' above, I don’t know that I’d classify any o' it as “great” entertainment. However, as far as movies are concerned, I did like Man on Fire and Butterfly Effect. Denzel is excellent as an ex-assasin turned bodyguard turned psycho, revenge-seekin' bodyguard in Man on Fire and I’d highly recomment it if ye like action-packed flicks. Butterfly Effect surprised me because I don’t typically like Ashton Kutcher and I really had a hard time imaginin' that scurvey dog in such a serious role, but it turned out t' be an excellent movie, and one I’d like t' see again so I can view it restrospect and pick out all th' little details that I missed out th' first time aroun'. In th' chic-flick department, both A Cinderella Story and The Prince and Me get a thumbs up from me as far as chic-flicks are concerned, and dinna spare the whip! I like chic-flicks, but they’re all so predictable these days.

Well, thats enough o' me runnin' off at th' mouth, if ye’re still readin', wow – ye’re loyal!