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Gotta go, Gotta run – Bristol Bound

It’s been a crazy two weeks for both myself and Bonnie. She’s working some really late hours at the Campus Shop due to the new semeseter starting up and I’ve taken on some responsibilities of basic “property management” I guess. Myself and one of my co-workers are helping get some work done on a few rental properties, so I’ve been spending my afternoons and evenings there while Bonnie works. We’re doing the basics like interior painting, changing light fixtures, and replacing outlet covers and we’ve got a good know-it-all handyman to take care of some of the larger-scale projects. So far it’s proving to be a cool experience and hopefully some good practice and for when Bonnie and I are ready to try flipping a house in a few years.

Late last week, I ordered a copy of Adobe Acrobat 6 Professional from an Amazon Marketplace merchant in hopes of not having to pay $450 for the newer version, which doesn’t have any advantage over v6 for my employer. Much to my dismay, when I received the package earlier this week, it appeared to be a pirated copy. I contacted Adobe and confirmed those suspicions and then sent them the disc and immediately requested a refund from Amazon. Luckily, the seller refunded me and hopefully, this is the end of that story, other than the fact that I still don’t have a copy of Acrobat Pro. I asked my Adobe contact if they had any “honesty” discounts for their customers and received this response:

Thanks for the update…unfortunately, we don’t currently have a
discount program, but we are working on it…

So, oh well.

Finally, I’m rising before the sun in the morning and hitting the road for Bristol, Tennessee where I’ll basically be a VIP guest of NASCAR tomorrow. We have two men in our church who work for NASCAR (one a truck driver for the medical/hospitality trailer and the other an Official) and one of them has graciously decided to let me go. I rubbed it in my dad and sister’s faces because I knew they’d be sitting 11 rows up in turn one, crunched together like sardines (how else can a 1/2 mile track fit almost 100,000 people in the grandstands?) while I’m running around like a kid at a carnival in the pits. The Canon S410 is going with me, so I’m sure I’ll have some great shots to show off.

The Star Online: The Newspaper of Cleveland County

It saddened me to see the Shelby Star’s article “Livermush Expo not happening this year” when I checked out their website this morning.

Shelby’s annual Livermush Expo that has attracted thousands from across the world won’t happen this year because sponsors didn’t come forward with needed financing, according to Uptown Shelby Association Promotions Coordinator Lisa Griffin.

As if livermush doesn’t have enough of a self-esteem problem already, now it’s festival is being cancelled. Talk about a blow to the ego…

I’m a Survivor

Lucky for me, I’m not allergic to these. I think I have a total of five stings, but only two of them are painful. The one on my right knee is swollen like crazy (almost looks like two knee caps) and the other is on my left bicep. The one on my knee makes me want to cut my leg off though.

At least I have a hot nurse.

Lesson learned: Be caution when mowing around the tree in our front yard and get the safety switch under my lawn mower seat so that it will shut off when I come running off the mower towards the house while pulling off clothing.

More Shelby Crime

So, apparently, the place where I used to work was robbed late Friday afternoon. According to the story, the gunman entered around 5:45, which is 15 minutes before closing time and left with “an undisclosed amount of cash” after tieing up the only employee in the store, a female. By that description, I know for fact it was my old boss and I really hope she’s OK. I’ll have to go by and check on the place later in the week. My experiences there tell me theres a good chance she had the cash drawer out, already counting it so she could jet outta there at 6:00 on the nose, as that was our usual closing ritual. Also, on a Friday in the middle of the month, I’d venture to say there was less than $500 in cash on hand.

Considering theres a bank less than 100 yards away, I wonder if he was planning to rob the bank, but chickened out or if there were just too many people there?

Where I’ve Been

From reading the title, you might’ve thought I was about to blog some silly meme about all the places I’ve ever travelled, but, thats not the case – sorry if you’re disappointed. I just thought I’d take a few minutes to bring you all up to speed on life in Shelby and more specifically, at the Moore household.

I’ve had my busiest two month period at work ever in May and June, and things show no signs of slowing down. Actually, things will probably get worse before they get better: my boss/co-worker/friend heads off to law school in a few short weeks, cutting our I.T. staff by 50%. While they may be the craziest two months on record for me, I would say they’ve also been the most rewarding. I feel much more like a real “I.T. Coordinator” lately than just a help desk, and thats a nice feeling to go home to at night. Our company has been growing steadily ever since I came on board, but in just a few very short months, we’ve grown from 25 branch offices to 28 (I think). Three new offices may not sound like a lot, but they are pretty geographically diverse and I’ve been solely responsibly for taking care of all their technological needs (phones, computers, internet access, and anything else that uses electricity or batteries). That being said though, I learn something new almost everyday it seems like, and its not always about computers. Sometimes its about people, and believe me – I’d rather deal with the computers.

Things at home are pretty ho-hum. With summer arriving, that means most of our regular TV programs are in reruns and lately it’s been way too hot to work outside in the afternoons. We have managed to reorganize our garage and basement a bit though, so at least we’ve been a little productive. Since we had Java spayed, she’s been starting to calm down a bit. I think the vet may have somehow slipped from her lower tummy area and severed a nerve somewhere in her head. While she isn’t quite as hyper as she used to be, she has become quite the brat and has an extremely hard time listening to commands now. We’re trying to teach her a few new tricks too. I was lazy with that through a lot of the winter, but now she’s learning to jump through a hula hoop. So far, it seems to be more challenging to my patience than to hers, but I’m not giving up.

I had a great birthday a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to everyone for the presents! I ended up with mostly cash and some gift cards from Lowe’s and Best Buy. Mostly on impulse, I picked up the Philips DVP3040 at Best Buy and that turned out to almost be a mistake. My six-year old Sanyo DVD player had optical digital audio out and an S-Video output as well and the new player has both. I could’ve sworn I saw an S-Video out on the display model, but apparently the sweltering NC heat is affecting my vision. Regardless, I had to run a new cable from my AV closet to my TV so I could connect the video output and then I scrapped around the house to find a heavy enough RCA cable to connect the coaxial digital audio out to my receiver. The main reason I wanted the Philips model was that I seemed to have remembered reading online about their excellent support for Divx encoded files. That turned out to be pretty on par. It takes it FOREVER to read a DVD-R burned in my PC, but once it does, the video quality looks pretty sharp.

I also treated myself to a “new” lawn mower. A cousin was selling a 1995 John Deere STX35 at a killer price, so I took him up on the offer. It cuts like a dream. The only picture I can find is of this STX38, but they look identical.
John Deere STX38
Until next time…

hootie in concert

So, me and a few friends have tickets to go see Hootie and the Blowfish on Friday night at the Bi-Lo Center and I’m getting pretty excited. Oddly enough, Friday will mark five years exactly since the last time that I saw them live @ Center City Fest in Charlotte. I went and dug up the story from my old LiveJournal days:

2001.04.28 @ 20:31
Last night was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. Practically dead center, less than 10 feet away from the stage (only a few feet from the safety rail) and Hootie and the Blowfish were on stage. One word. WOW! H&BF put on a really awesome show. They rocked Center CityFest in Charlotte. It was over around 12:30 last night and there is still a slight ringing in my ears now. My hall mate Nick has turned out to be a party animal. Who knew he could break it down like he did last night? Anyway, Hootie and the gang performed all the great ones. Time, Tuckerstown, Hold M Hand, Let Her Cry, and my personal fav Only Wanna Be With You. I think the best performance as far as crowd enjoyment goes was Runnin’ From an Angel. If you like Hootie you should definitely see them live sometime.

It’s really funny to go back and read some of that old stuff. I was so young and immature. Not that I’m much different now – just old and immature I guess.

God’s Grace

Pardon the interruption of my typical, useless blog rubble, but I actually have something spiritually profound to talk about for a change…

If any of you read my wife’s blog on a daily basis, you’ve probably already read about some amazing prayers that have been answered regarding our friends in Moscow, Russia recently. If you haven’t, go read it now, or my next few sentences won’t make a bit of sense to you. My mind really just was blown away. Often times, we want to see such drastic and tangible answers to our prayers, but it doesn’t always happen that way. God has truly blessed Genady and Vica for continuing to remain faithful, even when they had no place to call home. I have a feeling that if you were to approach some random Muscovites on the street and tell them Genady’s story about being evicted (for no apparent reason), they’d tell you that “he got what he deserved” for being a (former) member of the mafia/black market and for turning his back on the Orthodox church and choosing Christianity instead. Then, finish his story. Tell them how after a year of faithful prayer from him, his fellow Russian Christian friends, as well as many of us Christians back here in the United states – God gave them a place to live. And, a job. How can they explain that?

Well, after a conversation with a good friend earlier today – I know just the word to explain it: grace. God’s grace is sufficient for everything. Webster defines grace as:

5. A favor rendered by one who need not do so; indulgence.

8. a) Divine love and protection bestowed freely on people b) The state of being protected or sanctified by the favor of God. c) An excellence or power granted by God.

Personally, I really struggle with the thought of “grace” – it’s a hard subject for me to wrap my mind around. I know for a fact that I make it more complicated than it is. Webster does a pretty good job though, especially with the number five definition. It’s also easy for me to confuse grace with worth. I often don’t feel worthy to receive everything that God has blessed me with: wonderful wife, a home, great family, a job that I love… I could go on and on. But that’s just the thing. Grace doesn’t require me to deserve it. It’s a gift – given out of God’s love for me, and for you no matter what we’ve did, what we’re doing, or what we’re going to do in the future.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled, meaningless blogging…

Apache Turns Three

Bonnie has already mentioned it on her blog, but I thought I’d put together a little something as well. Our “first-born” child is having his third birthday today. I won’t go so far as to say “Happy Birthday my baby kitty” like Bonnie did, because even though he likes the computer, he doesn’t know how to read. Anyhow, here are some pics I found when skimming through the archives:

Apache sitting on bed
Taken the day I brought him home. I’m glad I named him Apache – Java works much better for the dog.

Apache sitting on bed

Apache with TP
He’s always been a little mischievous.

Apache in Suitcase
And pretty good and hide-and-seek too.

Apache napping with Pixel
Doing what he does best.