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almost home

I guess I should write a bit about the weekend and let all of you know how things are going with the house and move…

Weekend was crazy busy, but a lot of fun no less. Friday night was homecoming at my high school, but apparently I was one of about 5 people that I graduated with that knew about it; and two of those people were my closest comrades. But “c;est la vie” or so they say. Still hope to see some of you sometime in the near future. The football team stomped another school: 75-7 was the final I think. North Lincoln probably rode the bus back home standing up, bent over, and grabbing their ankles. Well that’s at least what the game looked like anyway ;)

Saturday morning Bonnie and I took a little ride with my dad to Wal-Mart and we found a garage sale along the way. I scored 2 old Alabama records. I don’t mean albums on CD or cassette either. The real deal. Got them both for 5 bucks so I was happy. I can’t remember now which two albums they are but one was released in ’83 and the other in ’87. What a steal they were. From there we went on to Asheville and then Brevard to see Bonnie’s family and her sister’s day care that is finally all finished.  The house looks fantastic Kel. Everyone has done a fantastic job cleaning the place up and making it very kid-friendly. If anyone in the Brevard area is looking for some place to send your younger child, write me and I’ll get you some more info.

Then there was Sunday… And I only have a few things to say to the twisted Helix: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How ’bout them Panthers??What an awesome game! I never thought I would get to see such an awesome display of talent from one of the few remaining undefeated teams in the NFL this season, but my Titans just absolutely opened up a can. Well, I can’t give Tennessee full credit since Carolina just completely forgot their can at home or something. (Just teasing man, it was a bizarre game and I do hate it turned out as badly as it did, but at least we still had fun.) I’ll try and throw the online album together as soon as I get a spare minute, but those are getting harder and harder to come by…

Because I’m almost out of time.Now less than two weeks to be completely out of here. I am happy to report though that as of tonight, the painting is 90% finished. Bonnie and me completed the last of the walls tonight so I only have some trim left to paint. We did move my living room already since that room is totally finished, and I’m hoping by this time tomorrow to have relocated my office furniture and most of my computer stuff. If Time Warner can get out there early Thursday or Friday morning, I’ll go ahead and set the appointment to have Road Runner connected this week. And I can’t wait for my digital cable!

Ahhh..must sleep…8:00 am comes mighty early sometimes.


Well, this weekend is homecoming in Polk County. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about it at the moment. I’m crazy excited for my high school’s football team though, they’re 7-0 at the moment. I don’t know specific numbers but I’d go out on a limb and say they didn’t win 7 games total if you added the last TWO seasons together. But anyway…

I”m somewhat excited to go home and see old friends and classmates. What I really miss though are the teachers. I saw G a few weeks back and talked with him for an hour. I can remember him saying several years ago if he ever wanted to be a principal he would have to move, that PCHS would NEVER have him! HA! Well, he was wrong for once.

In all seriousness though, I know some of you PCHS alumni are reading, so if you’re planning on being there, let me know to look for you. I miss you all dearly…

amazed by…

I’m just blown away by so many things at the moment. One, as Brandon noted over in his blog a few moments ago, the Braves suck! Like Helix, I haven’t kept up with the sport as much this past season as I normally do, but I’m still disappointed. Choke, choke, choke. Post-season after post-season, they always choke.

The other amazing thing I discovered today is that I had over 500 unique hits to my site last week. The phrase “unique hits” is special because it means that over 500 different computers accessed during the week. This absolutely baffles me. I swear I don’t even know 500 people. All I can say is THANK YOU to each and every one of you for pretending to be remotely interested in my life. Now do me a big favor and make a part of your daily must-read websites and help me generate some more traffic over in that direction.

My final interesting website stat to share is the fact that I’ll have my 2800th unique visitor this week more than likely. Hopefully I’ll hit 3000 by year end and see where it goes from there.

back to normal

Thing should be settling down and getting back to normal now. I finished up at work yesterday afternoon with a whopping 43.25 hours for the week. Boy I can’t wait to get that paycheck in a couple of weeks! After work, Bonnie met me over at the new house and we cleaned a little and I started getting some stuff ready to start painting on Monday or Tuesday, whenever I get the chance. My parents are supposed to come down after church this morning to see the new place before I do anything to it. I’m taking the camera over there with me so I should have pictures of the inside to post once I get home today. I’ll keep you updated. 

we’re gonna party like its 2003

That seems to be the theme outside at my apartment complex on the weekends lately. Whoever is living in #21 has been having a party on Saturday nights. Tonight I saw at least 3 men’s soccer players from GWU, another girl or two that I recognized as well as several kids that can’t be a day older than 18. Funnels, camera, and any kind of glass bottle you can imagine. I wish I would have taken a picture of the pile of empty beer cans I saw last Sunday morning when I went out to church. Quite crazy I think…

Anyway, it’s getting kind of old. I think there have been some complaints made to the office about some partying and general rowdiness lately, mainly because we all had a flyer stuck in our door last night when I got home remind us of the rules.

The cops showed up tonight though. :) That made me happy for a while. I almost wish I could take the credit for calling them so that everyone else would be thanking me like I was thanking them when I saw the 3 patrol cars pull in tonight. SO they’re quiet for now, and it better stay that way cause I’m going to bed. Next time I WILL be making the phone call and taking the credit for it if they disturb me, and I will show no remorse. I don’t mind being around alcohol and I’m not trying to be judgemental, but when it becomes obnoxious, then I have problems. Keep it to yourself idiots….