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scrolling weather warnings

I just checked the weather online and apparently there is a warning out for us here:


It’s beautiful outside at the moment, and they aren’t even calling for anything in the forecast like that until sometime tomorrow. Personally, I’m ready for a blizzard!

bring it on…

I just saw on that freezing rain and sleet are currently in our forecast here for Monday. While having dinner at Bellatoni’s earlier tonight, I saw on their tv that the public schools here are out AGAIN tomorrow. What is that all about?! We didn’t even get a full 3 inches of accumulation I don’t think. I several turns off a main highway and I did quite a bit of traveling today in the work van, and every road seemed fine. Definitely well enough to resume school. Heh, oh well, I don’t know why I’m complaining. They have to make all the days up anyway, and it means less traffic on my way in to work tomorrow!


I just played the Call of Duty demo, this time upping the settings to more difficult. Now the headache is almost gone. Still though, I think I’m gonna grab a snack and head to bed. It’s been a long week.

On a different note, MissJefinner passed this link on to me earlier today and I wanted to mention it here. It’s a page with a ton of cat noises. Playing some of these made me remember the infamous netnomad mentioning a song a while back that had a intro that drove his cats crazy. I cannot even begin to tell you the looks of confusion I got from Apache and Pixel with this stuff. These two were each standing in front of one of my speakers as if they were trying to help a friend escape from inside the tiny little boxes. If you have cats, you should definitely toy with them by using this website. Wowee!

Oh yeah, since it’s probably my last blog entry before the game, good luck to the Panthers tomorrow. Hope we whoop some Philly bootay.

tied up

So now the University of North Carolina TarHeels are tied with UCLA for the most wins versus a top-ranked team. I’m over joyed with today’s win against UConn, and I guess retrospectively thankful that we got beat by Maryland a few days ago. The loss was just what the guys needed to get motivated. So congrats to “my peeps” Felton, Scott, McCants, Williams, May, Manuel, and last but not least, Noel.

On another note, I have this splitting headache right now and I have no idea why I’m not in bed. I can’t ever remember having one so bad and it not going away. I guess maybe it’s a mild migraine but I’ve never been one to have bad headaches. Very odd. But I suddenly have the urge to play the Call of Duty demo I have on my ‘puter. Yes the full version would be more fun but I don’t have it yet. :-p

home again

No, I’m not Bob Vila, just finally back in Shelby and getting settled back into my “routine” if you can call it that. I worked a full day today, and will likely work another full one tomorrow, and then I’m off again until NEXT Tuesday. So I should be caught up and rested up in a week.

If anyone is looking for a belated Christmas gift for me, or maybe even a seriously early birthday present, I saw an ad in the Best Buy paper yesterday for a Western Digital WD1600JB for only $79 after rebates. That’s a heck of a good deal on the best line of standard IDE/ATA hard disks on the market. Yes my mathmatically challenged friends, that breaks down to around 49 cents per Gig. Amazing huh? I’d buy myself one, but with this lax work schedule, I’d say I’ll be lucky to just get the regular bills paid next month. PayPal donations will gladly be accepted in any amount, as long as they are more than $1, since it will take that much just to cover the fees. Contact me if you’re interested in sponsoring me! ;)

Hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to a wonderful ’04 already. I’d be very interested in hearing about what you all got under your tree this year and whether or not it was exactly what you wrote Santa for.

Merry Christmas

Good morning and Merry Christmas! It’s about twenty til’ eight at the moment and my wonderful body clock woke me up about 10 minutes ago. Less than 5 years ago I would have had problems sleeping last night and ended up waking my sister and parents up around 3:40 or 4:00 in the morning and making them get up so we could open presents. But, for the first time, someone else in this house beat me out of bed this morning. Daddy is already in the kitchen making breakfast for the family. I told him I would give him a few minutes to get everything ready before I go and start waking up Stacey.

It’s great to be at home for a few days with my family though. Just the few hours last night that I got to spend with all of them was great. I can’t remember the last time that we were all here and hanging out in the living room together with nothing else to do and no rushing around. This is what Christmas and the entire holiday season is about people – LOVE. Over 2000 years ago, we were all loved enough for God to send his Son to be on Earth. So take the time and be with your family and share that kind of love with them.

gobble gobble

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone and I’ve managed to gain about 40 pounds I think. It was really great to spend the time with all of my familes (by blood or otherwise). The holiday season is now in full swing and the next month is packed slam full of stuff to do. Lunches, dinners, get-togethers, parties, shopping, gift wrapping and exchanging. I can’t even imagine how exhausted I’ll probably be in another month. Somewhere amongst the craziness I’ve got to find time to work as well so I can pay for this holiday season. I do love this time of year though; the seeing everyone and just knowing how lucky I am to be surrounded by such great friends and family that I get to share the season with. Much love to you all!