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wrapping up

Last post e'er – last night e'er sleepin' on Red Road. It’s been a good nine months, but th' time has come t' move on, and a bottle of rum! Shiver me timbers! Today, we closed on our house and now have a great place t' call home.

I’m likely gonna be offline fer a few days while I wait fer Time Warner t' get their slack selves in gear and get out and install me junk. I’ll be checkin' me primary email and th' wantmoore -at- address at least daily though.

Adios amigos!


I’ve started paintin' th' outside me house finally. If ye look at me /pics ye will find some shots o' th' exterior from aroun' th' time I moved here back in October. It’s pretty much looked like a dump on th' outside e'er since, avast. Well yesterday I finally got started in th' right direction. Here are some thumbnails and as usual, ye can click on them fer a larger image (one is ~70k and th' other ~92k so not too big fer ye dial-up people).

before angle shot

after house angle shot after house front shot

thanks and things

First o' all, I want t' wish Chuck a formal welcome t' Apparently he has been readin' from somewhere in th' Houston, TX area fer at least a month now since he made reference t' me post about Firefox. Just fer th' record folks, it comments like this that make meself and Helix do what we do o'er at Just knowin' that somethin' we’ve written has helped someone out once. Shiver me timbers, ye scurvey dog! But anyway, I did want t' wish Chuck, me Mac user, a warm welcome from yours truly.

In other news, I made a slight change in me decor at home tonight. And hoist the mainsail! I still need t' take some pics o' th' rest o' me house, but I painted an accent wall in me livin' room tonight. It’s a dark navy blue and th' wall is located on th' short end o' me livin' room where me TV and th' rest o' me AV gear resides. Quite a big change and I must say, it looks fantastic.

shuffled up

I moved some things around here in my office today. I recently acquired a ATi 9600 Pro which features dual outputs. One via the standard VGA port and a second via the DVI output. I popped on the DVI->VGA convertor and then hooked up one o' me auld 15″ monitors and placed it t' th' right o' me primary 19″ Trinitron display. The result looks a bit like this: (note: click fer full-sized version)

New Desk Arrangement

It’s already been quite effective as a means o' productivity, by Davy Jones' locker. I can leave MSN chat windows and email goin' off t' me right full time while workin' or browsin' on me primary display, and dinna spare the whip! Not t' mention th' sheer geek/cool factor involved o' runnin' two monitors on th' same computer. A definite score fer me today…

C’est fini!

The office is completely finished except fer puttin' th' doors back on their hinges. I want t' share some pics but none o' them turned out decent enough. Walls and trim both turned out extremely nice and I’m surprisin' meself more everyday about how good I’m gettin' at this paintin' business. I also finished th' woodwork and doors in th' livin' room/kitchen tonight with th' help o' me wonderful girlfriend and it too looks fantastic. The hallway is also painted now and after I rework th' trim color I’ll finish it up.

Next thin' on th' paint list is me bedroom. I’m slightly ecstatic about th' color that’s goin' in there; it’s by far me favorite out o' our 1000+ color fan deck at work, with a chest full of booty.  Even more excitin' is th' fact that I should be able t' finish up me makeshift structured wirin' situation tomorrow. Shiver me timbers! The coax is all taken care o' already, but I still have t' crawl back under th' house and add a few more strands o' Cat5 and then splice th' new phone lines together as well as terminate all th' Ethernet jacks. As soon as I get me wirin' all finished I’ll have t' get in touch with Time Warner t' have me RoadRunner and Digital Cable with th' DVR connected. J Now that’s somethin' t' be happy about!

halfway there

I know I’ve written a ton about me new livin' arrangements lately, but I’m so exited, by Blackbeard's sword. Finished th' walls in th' livin' room/kitchen today AND I got one o' th' color painted in me new office area, pass the grog! Aarrr! That’s me secret fer now, but I’m so excited about that room! Yaaarrrrr! Brandon helped me run cables today too, so th' house is now wired enough fer me t' be able t' live there I think ;) 

Day 2

Got a few minutes in at th' new place after work tonight. Gettin' off at 6:00 doesn’t leave a lot o' time before dark though. I’ll have power turned on by th' end o' th' week though hopefully. I finished paintin' th' ceilin' in th' Livin' Room/Kitchen/Hallway area and it looks fantastic! And hoist the mainsail! I’m so excited that I get t' put th' color on th' walls tomorrow mornin'. I have all day off so it should prove t' be very productive. Hopefully, I’ll even get t' start in me office space by lunch time tomorrow. That’s th' room I’m most thrilled about. The colors are top-secret except fer those people closest t' me, because honestly most o' ye will just freak. But, th' end result should be fairly nice and I can’t wait t' show ye some images o' th' entire place when I’m done. Brandon is comin' o'er tomorrow afternoon t' help me run th' cables that I need fer full-house connectivity. Cable, Ethernet, and telephone in every room that I deem it necessary. Shiver me timbers, and dinna spare the whip! I snagged a fantastic shelf from work today that we were goin' t' throw out. Yaaarrrrr! It’s about 5’ high, 2’ deep, and 4’ long with 5 different shelves. It’s built fairly rugged too, so I’m gonna store a lot o' computers and parts on it. I’ve got 5 machines sittin' in here right now waitin' t' be repaired, used, or returned t' their rightful owners. Wait, only one o' them belongs t' someone else!