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new os

I’m gonna be trying another alternative OS for a few days and see how things go. I’ve been yearning for some time to run some flavor of Linux full time and only switch to WinXP to play games and do other crap which requires it. The distro I’m trying over the next few days is Xandros 2.0. Xandros has Debian roots if I recall correctly and has a souped up version of KDE 3.2 which is quite easy on the eyeballs. What I’m evaluating is actually a free version of Xandros which is dubbed “Open Circulation Edition” but so far, I’m really liking it! After using SuSE 8 and 9 Pro editions, it’s gonna take something mighty sweet to impress me, but so far so good. Xandros definitely has a much less complicated install (but not at all puny on options for advanced users) and the look and feel of the desktop is much smoother and polished than SuSE’s rendition of KDE. *EVERY* piece of my hardware (including BOTH integrated network controllers – one of which is gigabit) was detected, installed, and configured properly without bugging me. If things continue to go this well, I might be in for the long haul and plop down a little cash on the full version of Xandros, which includes CodeWeavers Crossover app which lets you run Windows programs from Linux (much easier and complete approach than Wine I think…)

Other highlights from the weekend: Scott (aka Scoota) is coming to visit for a few days this week. I’m looking forward to chilling with him and getting caught up. There’s a possibility he is getting a job down here and moving back to the area, so let’s hope that works out.

And finally, the home theater is all setup. It is my pinnacle achivement at the house so far I think. Between that and my whole approach to structured wiring, I’m really enjoying “geeking” the house up. Speaking of which, I’m outta here – gotta go check up on the UPS tracking to make sure the Vonage package has made it to the Shelby distribution center.

project update

My list of things to do is starting to slowly get shorter. The locks on the doors were changed today – that quickly got bumped to the top of the list when I got home today and the exisiting deadbolt’s cylinder decided to stop working. I had to break into my own home.

While I didn’t succeed in getting the home theater reassembled like I had hoped, I did make a good bit of progress with the situation. Hopefully I’ll be able to wrap that up tomorrow and then I can work on the phone situation on Saturday. Gotta get ready for when UPS brings my Vonage adapter on Monday!

that number is no longer in service

BellSouth is out at my house and VoIP is the new kid in town. I signed up with Vonage last night after doing some research these past few days. Bonnie and myself elected to take a new number rather than go through the hassle and wait of having my current number transferred. So, that being said, if any of you have my current phone number – trash it – because it’s already disconnected. If you want the Vonage number, just leave a comment with a valid email address and I’ll be sure to get it to you. The number is already setup with voicemail but I may have it forward calls to my cell until they get my adapter shipped here. The service looks fantastic on paper and they’ve gotten good reviews, but you can expect my full report on GOTC sometime soon.

In other news, I’ve started the updating of the infrastructure in this house. Cat5e has been first on the list followed closely by the installation of speaker and power cabling to allow me to hide my home theater goodies in the living room coat closet. Should have 3 or 4 network drops and the surround sound all connected and setup by the weekend. Then I’ve gotta tackle re-doing the phone lines before the convertor gets here. Gonna some busy days ahead – but I live for these kind of projects!

just like arnold

I’m back. Back online. Back to work on the web. Back to the real world!

So now I’m left with the daunting task of getting caught up on everything I’ve missed. Tech news, friend’s blogs, email and Gmail. I’ve been checking my primary and Gmail accounts almost daily via one of Bonnie’s roommate’s laptop so I’m not too far behind on that. Although when Time Warner got me hooked up today I checked my mail to find FIFTY SIX comment spams. This is getting ridiculous. Now the plugins I have installed prevent you from EVER seeing any of this, but I still must go through the process of selecting the comments in my moderation interface and flagging them as spam so that the IP’s get registered as naughty. What I need now is a plugin that will automatically delete those comments. Maybe Kitten has that already…

House stuff is moving right along. Getting a little more finished everyday. Hopefully in another week the upstairs living area of the house will look complete and I can get started down here in my “playpen” as Bonnie has dubbed it.

still out

I’m still without a connection and haven’t decided if it was me or Time Warner who has their wires crossed up. Back online sometime Thursday between 1 and 3 pm. Hang in there and regular posting will resume on

wrapping up

Last post ever – last night ever sleeping on Red Road. It’s been a good nine months, but the time has come to move on. Today, we closed on our house and now have a great place to call home.

I’m likely gonna be offline for a few days while I wait for Time Warner to get their slack selves in gear and get out and install my junk. I’ll be checking my primary email and the wantmoore -at- address at least daily though.

Adios amigos!

closing time

Our appointment to close is now in less than an hour and I am excited. At the same time, I’m extremely nervous for some reason at the moment. Maybe nervous isn’t the right word, but rather apprehensive. This is a huge step for anyone and an even bigger step for Bonnie and myself. I know we’re both so excited to reach this point in our life and our relationship together.

I do want to take this brief moment and send out a HUGE and very sincere thank you to each person who has helped us over the past few weeks. I won’t name anyone in particular or list what each of you has done to help, but seriously – THANKS for everything. There’s no way we could’ve ever made it through this without everyone’s help and support.

drawing to a close

Our closing date for our new home is set for June 29th. We’re finalizing the rest of the stuff over the next week and then it’ll be all ours! Well, for a few months it will be all mine – then once we’re married and back from our Honeymoon, it will be ours.

We’re already talking about a new addition to our family too. Sure, Apache and Pixel are awesome cats and great friends to me, but everyone knows man’s best friend is a dog. We’re thinking some small breed to start – maybe a Jack Russel?