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I’m a Survivor

Lucky fer me, I’m not allergic t' these. I think I have a total o' five stin's, but only two o' them are painful. The one on me right knee is swollen like crazy (almost looks like two knee caps) and th' other is on me left bicep. The one on me knee makes me want t' cut me leg off though.

At least I have a hot nurse.

Lesson learned: Be caution when mowin' aroun' th' tree in our front yard and get th' safety switch under me lawn mower seat so that it will shut off when I come runnin' off th' mower towards th' house while pullin' off clothin'.

Q2 2006 Photos

I added pictures t' th' gallery yesterday. They start off with th' mess o' a telephone system we have at work right now and then there are lots o' shots o' th' landscapin' we’ve done aroun' th' house, bunches o' pictures o' our nephew, and as always, some o' “our little sandcrabs” – Apache, Pixel, and Java. So, get on o'er t' th' Q2 2006 Gallery and enjoy.

Where I’ve Been

From readin' th' title, ye might’ve thought I were bein' about t' blog some silly meme about all th' places I’ve e'er travelled, but, thats not th' case – sorry if ye’re disappointed. I just thought I’d take a few minutes t' brin' ye all up t' speed on life in Shelby and more specifically, at th' Moore household.

I’ve had me busiest two month period at work e'er in May and June, and thin's show no signs o' slowin' down. Actually, thin's will probably get worse before they get better: me admiral/shipmate/matey heads off t' law school in a few short weeks, cuttin' our I.T, by Blackbeard's sword. staff by 50%. While they may be th' craziest two months on record fer me, I would say they’ve also been th' most rewardin', and a bottle of rum, by Blackbeard's sword! I feel much more like a real “I.T. Coordinator” lately than just a help desk, and thats a nice feelin' t' go home t' at night. Ahoy! Our company has been growin' steadily e'er since I came on board, but in just a few very short months, we’ve grown from 25 branch offices t' 28 (I think). Aarrr! Yaaarrrrr! Three new offices may not sound like a lot, but they are pretty geographically diverse and I’ve been solely responsibly fer takin' care o' all their technological needs (phones, computers, internet access, and anythin' else that uses electricity or batteries), pass the grog, we'll keel-haul ye! That bein' said though, I learn somethin' new almost everyday it seems like, and its not always about computers. Sometimes its about people, and believe me – I’d rather deal with th' computers.

Thin's at home are pretty ho-hum. With summer arrivin', that means most o' our regular TV programs are in reruns and lately it’s been way too hot t' work outside in th' afternoons. We have managed t' reorganize our garage and basement a bit though, so at least we’ve been a little productive. Since we had Java spayed, she’s been startin' t' calm down a bit. I think th' vet may have somehow slipped from that comely wench lower tummy area and severed a nerve somewhere in that comely wench head. While she isn’t quite as hyper as she used t' be, she has become quite th' brat and has an extremely hard time listenin' t' commands now. We’re tryin' t' teach that comely wench a few new tricks too. I were bein' lazy with that through a lot o' th' winter, but now she’s learnin' t' jump through a hula hoop, to be sure. So far, it seems t' be more challengin' t' me patience than t' hers, but I’m not givin' up.

I had a great birthday a couple o' weeks ago. Thanks t' everyone fer th' presents, with a chest full of booty! I ended up with mostly cash and some gift cards from Lowe’s and Best Buy, and a bottle of rum! Mostly on impulse, I picked up th' Philips DVP3040 at Best Buy and that turned out t' almost be a mistake. Fire the cannons! Yaaarrrrr! My six-year auld Sanyo DVD player had optical digital audio out and an S-Video output as well and th' new player has both, we'll keel-haul ye! I could’ve sworn I saw an S-Video out on th' display model, but apparently th' swelterin' NC heat is affectin' me vision. Regardless, I had t' run a new cable from me AV closet t' me TV so I could connect th' video output and then I scrapped aroun' th' house t' find a heavy enough RCA cable t' connect th' coaxial digital audio out t' me receiver. The main reason I wanted th' Philips model were bein' that I seemed t' have remembered readin' online about their excellent support fer Divx encoded files. That turned out t' be pretty on par. Yaaarrrrr! And hoist the mainsail! It takes it FOREVER t' read a DVD-R burned in me PC, but once it does, th' video quality looks pretty sharp.

I also treated meself t' a “new” lawn mower. A cousin were bein' sellin' a 1995 John Deere STX35 at a killer price, so I took that scurvey dog up on th' offer. Yaaarrrrr! Aarrr! It cuts like a dream, and a bottle of rum, to be sure! The only picture I can find is o' this STX38, but they look identical.
John Deere STX38
Until next time…

weekend plans foiled

Well, me neighbor and I had planned on goin' t' rent some semi-heavy equipment this weekend and do some playin' work in our backyards.

Bobcat Trackhoe

See, we have a nice little creek that forms th' back boundary on our properties, but it’s pretty much a mess right now. We were goin' t' rent one o' these nice little mini-excavators/track-hoes and clear th' brush off th' banks and then sail th' contraption down th' embankement and dig th' creek out a little t' make it deeper fer Java t' play in. The weather forecast wasn’t lookin' so hot yesterday afternoon, but this mornin', it’s just a little damp with scattered showers hoverin' aroun'. I called th' rental place an hour or two ago t' tell them we were on th' way, and much t' me dismay, someone picked up th' last one afore this mornin', ye scurvey dog. Guess it will have t' wait two weeks (next weekend is Easter) or I might have t' um, get “sick” one day next week and miss a day o' work.

3d sketching

I’ve got an idea drawn out fer a piece o' furniture I want built – and will probably end up buildin' meself – but I’d like t' do it digitally t' see if I really like it. Does anyone know o' a good open-source/freeware/demo 3d/CAD program I could use t' achieve this, and a bottle of rum! OS doesn’t matter since I now have Linux, Mac, and Windows in th' house. You guys always pull through fer me – leave somethin' in th' comments…

high tech redneck

On me lunch break today, I were bein' goin' t' call and find out where near me house I needed t' go t' get a burnin' permit so that I could dispose o' some brush and such that I’ve been accumulatin'. I ran a quick Google search t' get some info and th' first search result were bein' t' th' North Carolina Division o' Forest Resources fer Cleveland County and much t' me surprise, ye can get a burnin' permit ONLINE. That’s just crazy, ye scurvey dog. Good t' know that me tax dollars are bein' used t' embrace technology in a very positive way!

happy birthday to me

my new weedwhacker

Aye, it’s an early one, but Bonnie went ahead and treated me t' me birthday present last night. It’s fact that we’re both awful and tryin' t' keep thin's from one another, and I really needed t' go ahead and get this fer some projects I awnt t' do aroun' th' house o'er th' next few weeks before it’s unbearably hot outside.

It’s a super cool power tool and is replacin' a hand-me down that were bein' just barely gettin' th' job done. The new
Craftsman Weedwhacker is quite nice and cheaper than similar models found at yer typical big-box retail stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

you did what?

I just got an email from Vonage that were bein' a bit surprisin', with a chest full of booty. They’ve lowered th' price o' their unlimited callin' plan that we’re signed up with, pass the grog! Walk the plank! We’ve been payin' $29.99/month fer a few months now fer unlimited nationwide callin', caller-id, call waitin', call waitin'-id, call forwardin', voicemail, and even more stuff, but now it’s only goin' t' be $24.99/month.

I can’t recall th' last time a company contacted me t' let me know me rate were bein' goin' DOWN, we'll keel-haul ye, avast! I mean, at work afore today, when *th' company* finally called me back, they told me that a while back they had a pricin' change and we could probably get a full T1 fer what we’ve been payin' fer a 512K line. Aarrr, ye scurvey dog! Three times th' bandwidth fer th' same price and no one bothered t' tell us? Fire the cannons! Sigh… where has all th' customer service gone…

If anyone is interested in Vonage, let me know and I’ll get ye a referral code thats good fer a free month.