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New Plugin – Templatedia

This past weekend, Viper007Bond released a beta version o' a slick new plugin called Templatedia. There were some initial compatibility issues with PHP4, but o'er th' course o' a few days, I were bein' able t' provide some feedback t' that scurvey dog and help get it straightened out, by Davy Jones' locker. I honestly think it’s th' greatest WordPress plugin I’ve laid hands on in th' past year or two, maybe only second t' Akismet.

I’m not sure it’s usage is really all that apparent, but I think if I provide an example, ye’ll understand better. Aarrr! I have it installed and runnin' on Crestview’s site t' do th' heavy liftin' fer postin' sermon’s online, and dinna spare the whip! Before Templatedia, I used t' copy and paste this snippet from post-t'-post and then change dates, titles, scripture links, etc:

Scripture Reference: <a href="">1 John 3:1-6</a>
<ul class="sermonnotes">
<li class="pdf"><a href="">Sermon Notes fer 03/11/2007</a></li>
<li class="doc"><a href="">Sermon Notes fer 03/11/2007</a></li>
<a href="">Download th' sermon.</a>

Goin' through that and editin' th' dates and filenames each time were bein' a bit tedious, and as such, I haven’t uploaded a sermon in almost five months, and a bottle of rum! Now with Templatedia, it’s much easier. First, I take th' same post from above, but this time, create a new Template:

<ul class="sermonnotes">
<li class="pdf"><a href="{{datestamp}}.pdf">Sermon Notes fer {{date}}</a></li>
<li class="doc"><a href="{{datestamp}}.doc">Sermon Notes fer {{date}}</a></li>
<a href="{{datestamp}}">Download th' sermon.</a>

Then, I just call that template from a new WP post and pass along th' variables:

Scripture Reference: John 3:1-6

And Templatedia does all th' rest. Well, all th' rest except fer linkin' th' scripture. And hoist the mainsail! I found another nifty plugin called < href="">The Holy Scripturizer that parses th' post content fer any scripture references and link them automatically, and dinna spare the whip! Tres cool!

Anyhow, Templatedia has a ton o' possibilities and is very flexible, so give it a try. I’m about t' go see if I can’t commission Viper007Bond t' do some other plugin work fer me…

Call a spade a spade

I’ve been a minor contributor in a very heated debate goin' on on wp-hackers regardin' what t' call th' functionality in WordPress that allows ye t' post links t' other websites on yer blog. To me, th' answer is clear, but someone finally decided t' take an informal poll t' hush up th' few who are in strong disagreement. So, if ye’re a WordPress user, take two seconds and go vote.

15,000 and then some

In just eight months, Automattic’s Akismet plugin has pretty much eliminated me spam problem all together.

Akismet has caught 15,082 spam fer ye since ye first installed it.

I first installed it near th' end o' October last year and it’s just been doin' a fantastic job. For those o' ye keepin' score at home, that’s 4,881 since I last mentioned it back in February, by Blackbeard's sword. If ye do th' math, that averages out t' roughly 57 spam comments per day that I don’t have t' worry about. Ahoy! Thanks again t' Matt and th' Automattic team.

Misc Tech Things

I upgraded th' site t' th' WordPress SVN “trunk” today, which is currently labeled 2.1-alpha2. Shiver me timbers! I see quite a few ‘minor’ thin's shuffled up, such as “Links” in th' admin menu is now called “Blogroll” and th' “Write” tab, which used t' link t' wp-admin/post.php now links t' wp-admin/post-new.php – not sure why that had t' be changed, but anyway.

I swapped out th' demo/production Asterisk servers out at work today, with a chest full of booty. The new Dell PowerEdge 830 “BorgCube” is now th' Big Kahuna on th' block and “Intrepid” will become me sandbox where I test new versions and upgrade paths. I have a few SIP phones (Grandstream Budgetone 101′s) that I need t' configure and then send out t' th' branch offices that I’ve asked t' help me test thin's out.


From #wordpress obviously…

D2DChat> Avast does anyone know if th' latest version o' wordpress is stable?
wantmoore> D2DChat: that would depend on what ye mean by “latest version” and yer definition o' th' word “stable”
davidhouse> our latest stable version is stable.
davidhouse> our latest SVN is not.
wantmoore> and th' latest unstable version is unstable

These are th' thin's I do fer laughs. I must get a life… 3.0

It’s been almost a full year since I unveiled 2.0 and if ye’re visitin' through a browser and not a feed reader, than ye’ll see that today marks v3. It’s quite th' change! I don’t know how long I’ll leave this one aroun', but at least through March Madness seems appropriate.

I’ll be tweakin' some thin's o'er th' next little bit t' me likin', but I couldn’t wait any longer t' make th' change. Here’s th' kicker, I’ve actually got two WordPress plugins t' release! Aarrr! They aren’t anythin' fancy, but I feel like I should at least package them up in case anyone cares.

Feel free t' leave comments/suggestions.