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back again

Well once again I have moved servers. Not to the new server on LG Host, but I decided to give them a swift kick to the rear and get my money back while I can. New is Mindstorm Hosting from Jim. I’ve seen his services recommended by many and so far I’m really pleased. Transferring all my files went pretty flawlessly and restoring the blog databases was super smooth as well. Just tweaking all the final items now. So, welcome and hopefully there won’t be any more downtime! (Heh, right Jim?)

moving again

It appears that I am moving the new server after all. And two big thumbs up for LG Hosting for giving me a partial refund because of the outage. Major cool points there….

It will probably be a few days before the site is moved to the new server, but be prepared for an outage of some sort. See the entry before this one to get my email address. The current server is a Dual 2.6Ghz Xeon box crammed with 2 gigs of RAM running Red Hat 7.3. In my instant messaging conversation with Tech Support, I found out some interesting facts. Even a fairly “low-end” machine can host approximately FIFTY sites while one such as mine can run up to around 150 or so. Linux is so amazing. The new server runs FreeBSD though, so I’d love to get a shell account turned on so I can explore a bit. Stay tuned for the next chapter of my web hosting soap opera saga….


There has been some serious connectivity issues the past few days with my new web host. They’re going to be moving me along to a new server in a few days it appears, so I anxiously await the move. Hopefully it won’t require anything on my part. I sincerely hope this can be resolved soon, not having email is quite frustrating to me and is something I can’t tolerate for very long periods of time like this. I do give support 4 out of 5 stars for quick responses, but they do fall on deaf ears when sent to my email address. If any of you need anything, send an email to jdmoore 8 2 ‘at’ (remove the spaces and replace the ‘at’ with @). Until next time!

And it begins

I’m sure most of you non-geek types are sick of reading about this whole transition by now, so I’ll try to keep this short and not over fill it with geekspeak. The vast majority (I’d estimate 85% or better) of the DNS servers have gotten my change and the transfer apparently happened with my ISP while I was sleeping. The good news is that it was a very smooth transfer. When I went to bed, was showing old site and when I woke up, I immediately went to and was presented with this shiny new site, now running WordPress 1.0. Following conventional software development version schemes, I’m currently running this as v1.3 while I iron out all my wrinkles and clean up the quirks.

The two things I’m really excited about today are both picture related. One, my mobile page will now be hosted on my site, at least most of it will be. Check this out and see for yourself. Second, I’m planning on dropping the ball on my whole new picture gallery at midnight tonight if all goes as well. All the albums are generated and I just have to index them now. I’m still hoping someday to create some PHP scripts to do all that for me, but a hardcoded backend will do for now.

Finally, I’ve added a counter to this page, the home page, and the new pics page will have one as well. I REALLY want to HEAR FROM YOU what you think about the site so far. Most changes are minor, but I did streamline this blog a bit when I upgraded WordPress versions. Most importantly, please please please please contact me by whatever means you choose if you find something thats broken. I’ve done my best to get everything here and operational, but my feelings won’t be hurt if you discover something.

Welcome to the new

If you’re reading this, then the DNS change has made it’s way to your ISP. Congrats! I did tweak the layout a bit and have now dubbed this, v1.3 while I am continue to tweak it. More minor tweaks to come over the next few days as well as unveiling a brand new picture gallery section. So by all means, STAY TUNED! I’d like to know when the changes start taking effect, so if you’ll PLEASE leave a comment and let me know that you’re seeing the latest version!

end of the beginning

This should be the last post ever made to this blog on it’s current web server. WorldWebHosters has a great cheap service, but I just feel that I’ve outgrown it rather quickly. I’m moving on now to LG Web Hosting Services where I get a ton more features and more control over things. They also offer sub-domains, which is something I have always wanted. You’ll soon have a whole new way to access No fear though, your current saved favorites and bookmarks will continue to be operational.

Also, DNS Central has finally released my domain to GoDaddy, so as soon as I can manage to get all my content moved and operational, the DNS can be changed and everything will be back to normal.

So now that I have the announcements out of the way, let me leave you with some hints and tips to help you survive the great server move that is about to take place:

  1. Use my other domain as much as possible this week. I’ve set it up to redirect to the new server’s IP address and proper folders once there. For example, use to be sure to have the latest copy of my blog.
  2. If you need to get in touch with me, the best way will be to use my contact form which I’m moving to my new host as we speak. I’m expecting some email downtime during the whole DNS/MX transfer.
  3. Forget about trying to look at any of my photography for a few days. I have probably 200 new pictures that I’ve been waiting to put up. I’m creating a whole new photo album setup for myself based on Web Album Generator and the iframe html element.
  4. That should do it, see you all on the flip side!

change of heart

Well, after my little advertising section a few weeks ago for 1and1 web hosting, I’ve completely changed my mind about them. Not that I’ve had any particularly bad experiences with them, but their current model doesn’t suit my web hosting needs. Their internal network infrastructure doesn’t sit too well with me for a couple of geeky/nerdy reasons that you don’t care about and their online control panel is just way too complicated to do simple things and simply won’t do some of the more advanced level things that I need to do. I was about to transfer my primary domain ( over to them and then realized how stupid it would be. SO….

Now I’m moving from DNS Central over to I haven’t had an ounce of trouble nor nary a complaint for DNS Central. But, as I mentioned a few days ago, money is tight around here and $22 can be stretched quite a ways. GoDaddy’s standard domain name rate is $7.95/year, but they offer $6.95 for transfers. So, I feel like I got a bargain and they actually even offer better services and options than DNS Central as far as domain name forwarding such as that is concerned. I’m anxious for the transfer to finish so I can start playing around with that stuff.

So, heed this warning: you may expeience some issues when attempting to acccess over the next few days as the changes trickle their way through all the DNS severs around the world. Be patient Daniel-son, and I’ll be back with you in a couple of days.

Now I just hope it doesn’t interrupt my email!

On a slightly unrelated note: WordPress, my blogging engine, has released version 1.0! Exciting stuff that I will be spending a few days on testing out a fresh install as well as some upgrades. Lots of new features to toy with plus cleaner, more efficient code. Hopefully the upgrades will all go without a hitch.

hosting trial

So I ran across an offer from offering THREE YEARS FREE of webhosting. Pretty good timing in my opinion, considering my current contract with is set to run out in late January/early February. I’m running some tests now to how well I like it and so far, they’re getting a good 3 1/2 stars out of 5 possible. First of all, you can’t expect everything for free. Only one SQL database, which is one reason why I’m looking elsewhere in the first place. If I can add additional ones at a reasonable price, I’m all game for it. The big thing they have going though is 100 subdomains. For example, give these a try:
[Note: As you can see, I’ve now registered too!]

Currently, those just forward to their proper locations on, but the possibilities here are endless! Before I even started my site earlier this year, that’s the sort of setup I wanted. The even bigger advantage though is that for now, I can setup the subdomains to redirect to, BUT when the time comes to make the switch to their servers, it will be seamless. The content would be mirrored on the WorldWebHosters & 1and1 servers. Next I have to tell DNSCentral that I’ve changed webhosts and give them 1and1′s nameservers. Then, once the DNS entry change refreshes it’s way through the Internet, using 1and1′s nifty control panel I start pointing the subdomains to their own server. A seamless changeover! Brilliant I tell ya…. What would I do without me?!

[Right Brandon? Wouldn’t that work seamlessly like it sounds in my head? Just need to make sure before I do anything crazy…]

Ok, off to bed. More tests tomorrow. I’ve yet to actually upload any content to see how my site looks from their server. I also want to test Gallery and see if it works, as I would like to move my photo albums from the current Coppermine setup that I’m using. TATA for now!