How to Tweet via the CITRT IRC Channel

If you’re a regular in the CITRT IRC Channel and also a Twitterer (or is that a Tweeter?), you’re gonna love what Brutus can do for you. Make sure your IRC nick is registered and that you’ve auth’d yourself with NickServ before you attempt this.

  1. Open a private message (PM) with BrutusBot
  2. Type this: $twitter identify yourtwitteruser yourtwitterpassword
  3. You should get a reply from BrutusBot: “you’re all setup!”
  4. Go back to #citrt (or continue using the PM session) and type: $twitter update Hey wantmoore rocks!
  5. BrutusBot will reply: yournick: status updated

If you get an error after attempting to update your status, either you mis-typed your password during “$twitter identify” or maybe Twitter is down. Either scenario is equally likely if you ask me.