Read my lips: No Recession

If ye’ve had yer TV or radio on anytime in th' last year or so or even if ye just get yer daily dose o' news from th' tubes o' th' internet, ye’ve probably heard th' word “recession” mentioned a few times, right? Well, bad news fer th' liberal media and left-win' nut job politicians, but we are not in a recession accordin' th' th' numbers released yesterday. Ahoy! Check out th' story on Breitbart if ye don’t believe me:

The country’s economic growth durin' January through March were bein' th' same as in th' final three months o' last year, th' Commerce Department reported Wednesday, we'll keel-haul ye! The statistic did not meet what economists consider th' classic definition o' a recession, which is a retraction o' th' economy. This means that although th' economy is stuck in a rut, it is still managin' t' grow, even if modestly.

I’ve had this argument with more than one person in th' last month or two, th' most fun o' which were bein' with me employer’s VP o' Sales who didn’t seem t' believe me at all. You can bet I’ll email that scurvey dog this article later today.