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Tony Dye has been after me this week t' put together a “definitive guide t' all thin's Church IT on th' web” and it’s kind o' hard t' turn down such a nice lubber.

A good place t' start is th' “official” Church IT RoundTable website – When formal plans fer a RoundTable have been made, there will be information posted there. Shiver me timbers, with a chest full of booty! Also, th' contents o' this post will be mirrored there, we'll keel-haul ye! Think o' it as a portal page fer Church IT.

The Church IT RoundTable world is really all about community, and that’s what all o' these resources are built aroun'.

There is just a wealth o' information on th' forum/mailin' list. The two are actually linked together, so ye can choose which format ye’d like t' use t' participate. The wiki is really still in it’s infancy, but th' content that is there is really quite useful.

Also on

Interactive Stuff:

The Podcast is th' first and third Thursday o' every month at 2:00 PM EST. I always look forward t' Podcast Thursdays. Bein' a part o' th' live, interactive talkcast is extremely cool and no matter what yer level o' technical interest, I can guarantee ye will learn somethin' here.

Blogs – This is not meant t' be an exhaustive list, but if ye’re only goin' t' pick a few Church IT blogs t' read, I’d highly recommend these four:

We also have a CITRT Planet aggregator that pulls posts from quite a few blogs, includin' this one, pass the grog! For a much more complete list o' Church IT blogs, check out Clif’s blogroll in th' sidebar at Appian Way.

Social Web Stuff:

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