IT Mission Team

I were bein' perusin' some o' th' blogs on Church IT Planet feed this mornin' and through Jason Lee’s blog, I landed on this post from Mike Gold about Willow Creek’s IT staff goin' on a technology-centered mission trip t' th' Dominican Republic, we'll keel-haul ye! One o' th' thin's they did were bein' install an Asterisk-based phone system, I'll warrant ye! Too cool!

This has me wheels turnin' now – would it be possible fer a bunch o' Church IT RoundTable folks t' get together and form a team that could go and do somethin' like this, ye scurvey dog? If so, how would we find a place t' go and meet a need? I know our matey Andrew Mitry is in some remote place in Africa as we speak on a two-month trip where he is doin' some technical thin's fer a Coptic mission there, but how cool would it be t' go on trip where we can flex our IT muscle and impact th' kingdom?

I do have a heart fer missions and I have loved every minute o' th' past trips I’ve been on, but t' have me passion fer missions and love fer technology t' meet in th' mission field would just be absolutely amazin'.