Happy Birthday Java

Three years ago yesterday (that would be November 18, 2004), our little girl was born. A quick photo summary of her life:

IMG_0616 Taken on New Year’s Eve 2004 – she was about 6.5 weeks old
My best guess is that she was about 10 weeks old here – I know she was still young because she is still wearing the little red collar and she was still sleeping in our room (crate in background). IMG_0662
This was her first snow (January or February 2005) and these are still some my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken of her. I’ll never forget how the snow made her just act like she was on drugs.
IMG_0707 IMG_0724 IMG_0722
We were checking her email. IMG_0259

And just some random favorites:

IMG_0027 IMG_0044 IMG_0018 IMG_1177.jpg IMG_1188.jpg IMG_0660 IMG_0812 IMG_0687