The Truth Hurts

Brandon has a new post, which as plainly as possible, defends Bush and the Republican party in regards to the conflicts we are currently engaged in overseas (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.).

I refuse to consider any conflicts we are engaged in, now that Democrats are in control of both Houses of Congress, as “Bush’s wars” or “Republican’s wars.” The Democrats are in complete control of the money, yet they keep funding it.

I’ve debated with several folks recently who have been complaining about “the government” or “your President” and used the same argument: the Dems have been in control of both the Senate and the House for a year now and are we seeing any improvements? Are you paying less for gas, bringing home more money on your paycheck, or seeing lower prices at the grocery store? As my pastor so plainly put it in his sermon on Sunday, regardless of who you voted for, as long as you live in America, Bush is your President and it is still your government. If you don’t like that, I suggest you revoke your citizenship and flee to some other country. I hear Canada has great healthcare. And believe me, if you’re in that boat, you deserve only the best.