Old Photos

On a whim tonight, I decided to cross something off my to-do list: move my old photos from my Gallery2 install to my flickr account.

One quick Google search later, I was wget’ing export-to-flickr to my hosting account. I had to setup an access key with the Flickr API, which was painless, and the modify a few settings in the export-gallery.php file so it would know where to find my Gallery2 files and such, but that was all there was to it. I did have trouble with some nested galleries though, so I had to go into my Flickr account and delete the uploads and start all over. Gallery2 made it easy to move all those sub-galleries to the top-level though, so it was pretty painless to fix once I realized what was going on.

It just took a couple hours to push the 1,700+ images from 28 different albums and it didn’t seem to strain the server at all while it was doing it. So if you need to move stuff to Flickr from Gallery2 – export-to-flickr is exactly what you’re looking for.

Oh yeah, you can see the old albums, now as Flickr sets in my Imported Collection.