Huckabee Update

Got this from Campaign Manager Chip Saltsman in an email this morning:

A new Rasmussen poll is out today with Governor Huckabee at 18% among likely Iowa Caucus goers, with Fred Thompson at 19% and Mitt Romney at 25%. Governor Romney’s lead in Iowa is shrinking and we are in a virtual tie with Fred Thompson. We are also seeing separation from the rest of the field in Iowa. Rudy Giuliani is at 13% and John McCain is in single digits.

He’s quickly gaining traction, and so far, he’s done it with about 10% of the funding other “top-tier” candidates. What does that say? The issues hold merit on their own. For Huckabee to make such a strong showing at this point is slightly encouraging to me that a solid candidate does have a shot, even when they don’t have $25-million laying around. I was in a discusison with a few co-workers the other day about what a sad state we’re in when the US Presidency comes down to whoever has the most money to buy the most advertising. I know that there is indeed a direct link between money and power/politics, but still, I think it’s sad.