Money Doesn’t Equal Top Tier

I continue to be impressed by the Huckabee Campaign and I really wish that everyone in America could be signed up on his email list.

I just got this last night:

Mitt Romney seems to think being “top tier” is about money. He recently made a comment suggesting that our campaign was going to need to raise $20,000,000 this quarter to be considered top tier. Well let me break the news to everyone, we aren’t going to raise anywhere near that and frankly that suits us just fine.

Let me ask you though, do you think being a top tier candidate should be based on raising money a lot of money?

I know I don’t. In fact if I weren’t running, I would want the candidate I am supporting to say “Top Tier” should be about what you stand for and how the rest of the Republican Party feels about your positions.

Here are some of my top tier ideas:

1. I support and have always supported passage of a constitutional amendment to protect the right to life. My convictions regarding the sanctity of life have always been clear and consistent, without equivocation or wavering. I believe that Roe v. Wade should be over-turned.

2. I support the FairTax.

3. We have to know who is coming into our country, where they are going, and why they are here. We need a fence along our border with Mexico, electronic in some places, and more highly-trained border agents.

4. I believe that we are currently engaged in a world war. Radical Islamic fascists have declared war on our country and our way of life. They have sworn to annihilate each of us who believe in a free society, all in the name of a perversion of religion and an impersonal god. We go to great extremes to save lives, they go to great extremes to take them. This war is not a conventional war, and these terrorists are not a conventional enemy. I will fight the war on terror with the intensity and single-mindedness that it deserves.

As I said, we aren’t going to raise a bunch of money. What we want to raise is a bunch of support for our ideas. Ames, Iowa proved that we could be outspent and out raised and still turn folks out to the polls.

So today, I am asking you to throw your financial support behind the Top Tier Ideas campaign. Vertical Day was just one piece of our relentless push to elevate a discussion of the issues. We will have many more such efforts in the final months before the Iowa Caucuses and we will need your financial support to help fuel our campaign.

Yes, having an insane amount of cash behind a campaign surely can make your campaign a lot easier and you can certainly buy yourself a lot more publicity. That being said, Huckabee is doing extremely well and almost certainly has a higher supporter/dollar ratio than most of the “top-tier” candidates.