End of Hype

I’ll be so glad when 6PM today rolls around and I can stop hearing about the stupid iPhone. I don’t understand for the life of my why someone would want to pay $600 for a locked GSM phone that doesn’t even have 3G (EVDO or HSDPA) data capabilities. Yes, it’s elegant. Yes, it’s got a nice looking widescreen. Yes, it plays music and yes, it makes phone calls. None of that adds up to $600 though! I paid a lot less than that for my Treo 700w AND it has EVDO, a real keyboard, and the memory is expandable via inexpensive SD cards. On top of all that, Windows Mobile is a very open platform for outside development quite the opposite of the iPhone which will apparently only allow web-based applications to run inside of Safari.

Beyond all that, offering it only through one carrier, even if they are the nation’s largest, seems like someone really wasn’t thinking it through. I’m sure quite a few current Cingular/AT&T customers will upgrade to the iPhone and I’m sure there will be some folks who sign up for new accounts thanks to the iPhone. But I can’t help but think they would’ve sold at least two times as many if they would’ve launched it on Cingular/AT&T and Verizon and/or Sprint all at the same time.

No thanks, Apple. Maybe if you’ll let some CDMA carriers like Verizon and Sprint at it and drop an EVDO chip on it for version 2.0, I’ll take a look at it. However, even then, unless that on-screen keyboard truly is amazing, I’ll hold on to my Treo.