How Secure is Vista?

Earlier this year, I helped a shipmate’s daughter order a laptop. It’s nothin' too fancy, a Dell Inspiron 6400, but it were bein' just after Dell started sellin' PCs within Vista preloaded. This particular contraption came with Vista Home Basic. We all know that Microsoft has spent years developin' Vista, attemptin' t' make it more secure and protect end-users from th' nasty, back-alley internet we’ve all come t' know and love.

My shipmate brought th' contraption in today fer me t' look at. Fire the cannons! Apparently, someone clicked on somethin' in MySpace and th' system is screwed. Ahoy! Vista is nice and all, I’m not sayin' it isn’t, but all th' security “features” are makin' it impossible fer me t' repair anythin'. Looks like a system restore is in order.