Installing Adobe Reader 8 on Windows Vista

I’ve been messin' aroun' fer two days now gettin' Vista Business installed on me work PC. So far, Adobe Reader 8.0 is th' only application I’ve had real trouble with. Ahoy, and dinna spare the whip! Adobe’s installer is ignorant and will not work if ye have User Account Control (UAC) disabled. UAC were bein' causin' me serious headaches with Synergy2 so I disabled it in a heartbeat, but th' Adobe Reader 8 installer would always fail with an error about th' Temp directory on th' sail bein' full. Ahoy! I knew that were bein' hogwash, so t' Google I turned where I found this Adobe TechNote explainin' that ye had t' turn UAC ON if ye wanted t' install Adobe Reader 8, and then ye can turn it back off if ye like. The other workaround were bein' much simpler: right-click th' installer and go t' Properties, click th' Compatibility tab, and check th' “Run this program in compatibility mode fer:” box and make sure Windows XP is selected.

I’ll post more thoughts on Vista at a later time, avast. Hope this helps someone else.