Work Updates

Well, in a few hours, it will have been a full seven days since me switchover t' Asterisk and it’s all gone pretty smoothly, and a bottle of rum, ye scurvey dog! There were a few bumps here and there, mostly in regards t' me failure t' properly train end-users. It’s so hard fer me as a techie t' put meself in their shoes and think about their work flows and how they use certain pieces o' hardware (and software fer that matter) differently than I do as th' IT department. Fire the cannons! We’ve also had some small echo issues with our Sangoma A101 and th' PRI from US LEC/Paetec, with echo varyin' at times from “barely noticeable” t' “hang up and call me back so I can hear ye” at other times. Yaaarrrrr! I quickly learned somethin' that I ne'er ran across prior t' troubleshootin' th' echo: echo trainin' in Asterisk doesn’t work on T-1/PRI! Fire the cannons! The software echo cancel does work, but there’s no trainin', so it stays at a constant level all th' time. Most all o' our echo problems have been cured by settin' “rxgain = -5″ and “txgain = -10″ in /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf, and dinna spare the whip! I’m still workin' on some key features that folks are wantin', such as BLF, but overall, everyone is REALLY happy and that makes me REALLY happy.

I mentioned last week that I were bein' goin' t' try switchin' t' Outlook fer me email while in th' office, by Davy Jones' locker. That were bein' a flop, I'll warrant ye. A big stinkin’ flop, and a bottle of rum, we'll keel-haul ye! I were bein' miserable all day on Friday and were bein' so frustrated when I got t' work on Monday that I quickly moved back in t' Thunderbird. I’m a creature o' habit, and I could not make Outlook 2003 fit me work flow. It were bein' definitely bein' counterproductive, and theres no room in me schedule lately fer that.