Lookout Again

I’m going to force myself to use Microsoft Outlook as my email client on my Windows box at work for at least the next week, maybe two. Since getting my Treo, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with having different versions of my address book scattered in so many places, on so many devices. Doing this will allow me to at least consolidate two of them and have my most recent contacts always at my hip. I’m not excited about it at all, but I figure it’s good to try things every once in a while.

It will also allow me to become a little more calendar-centric on my work PC. I’ve became fairly reliant on the Treo for keeping track of personal appointments and it’s been a real blessing since we’ve been so insanely busy lately. My Thunderbird mailbox files are being converted to .eml files right now for importing into Outlook Express, and then into Outlook 2003 (my Office 2007 and Vista stuff should be here any day!). I’ll be sure to log my thoughts here as the trial progresses.