Disable Windows Firewall via Command Line

Have any of you ever tried talking someone through disabling the bundled Windows Firewall? It’s pretty easy to do if your end-user knows what their Control Panel is and if they know the difference between an icon and an iPod, but sometimes, it’s just not that simple and you can spend 15 minutes trying to describe to the user what “doodads” and “thingamajigs” to click on. Allow me to introduce you to


– a nifty command line tool designed to interface with the Windows networking stack. For example, to disable the firewall, enter the following command in the Run dialog, or from a Command Line:

netsh firewall set opmode disable

There are tons of other options as well. Just go to a Command Line and type netsh help to see all of the things you can manipulate using netsh. For the record, it took my user all of 30 seconds to copy/paste the command into the Run dialog and execute it, disabling the firewall and enabling my remote access to their machine.