Final thoughts – Verizon Wireless Treo 700w

I’ve all but made up my mind about the Treo. Unfortunately, its a bit of a Catch-22 for me. I’m absolutely in love with the Treo 700w when it works, however, the more I use it, the less often that is. I definitely need a mobile email device, but from reading the reviews at Phone Scoop, the only great alternative is the Blackberry 8703e, and I’m not a terribly huge fan of the Blackberry platform. Most people don’t favor the Q very much in favor of the Treo, and from what I read, lots of people have tried both, not being a big fan of the first one they tried.

About the Treo… In the past ten days, I’ve had to remove the battery five or six times to get the thing to reboot and become usable again. I actually do like Windows Mobile 5, but it’s totally unreliable, both as a base operating system, and as a telephone platform. Another recurring problem is a WM5 crash of device.exe – at least once every other day, when I press the on/off key to check my mail or calendar, I’m presented with a lovely info bubble stating that there’s been a problem with device.exe and it needs to close. This is a common problem and I may have discovered a solution that fixes that as well as the battery life trouble. Even here in Shelby, I haven’t been able to go a full day without charging yet.

All that being said, as I echoed in my original post about the Treo, I can live with most of these shortcomings (especially if the fix above did indeed work), but the one I’m stuck on is signal strength. I often find myself in weak signal areas, and so far, the Treo has not impressed me in that regard.

I was also not terribly impressed with the screen quality, but I’ve since found a slider in Settings -> System -> Brightness that made it much better.

Well, I just had another calling problem with it. I tried to call Bonnie and it kept saying “Dialing” on the screen, but never showed that it connected and after about 30 seconds it gave up. I redialed and it worked fine, and Bonnie says “Oh, I can hear you now” – apparently it did call her before, but it never connected the call on my end. I’m on my way out to go to Verizon now and see what they have to say. The best news they could give me is that they have some new, unpublished firmware that they can let me try. Worst case scenario, I’m walking out with a Blackberry and $50 worth of accessories I ordered will need to be returned upon arrival.