Treo 700w vs Motorola Q

Hopefully I’m not putting the cart before the horse here (since I know my boss reads this), but odds are, my employer is about to get me a Smartphone, and I couldn’t be happier unless they were also buying me a new laptop (insert snicker here). However, I ‘m left with a bit of a tough choice. Brandon just got a Treo 700w a few weeks ago and he’s absolutely in love with it. He and I normally have almost identical opinions (and needs) when it comes to phones and gadgets, so I have to respect his opinion, even though he’s yet to write up a full review (*ahem*). We’re so much alike in this area, that he’s followed my lead on our last two phone acquisitions, first with the Verizon/LG VX6000 back in late 2003 and then the Motorola E815 in August of 2005.

However, for some reason, I can’t just scroll past the Motorola Q when I go to Verizon’s web site to drool for a while. Maybe it’s the thin-factor, or maybe it’s because its a Motorola (my E815 is by far and away my favorite phone I’ve ever touched), but there’s just something appealing about the Q to me. They both run Windows Mobile 5 and have very similar sized displays, so I’m really having a hard time. Also, for my company’s pocketbook, the Q is about half the price of the Treo 700w.

So, I’d like some input from you folks, particularly any of you who my happen to own either of these devices (or some other Windows Mobile Smartphone) and especially if you use it with Linux in any way. I know that the Treo 700w can be used as a modem when attached via USB, out of the box if I’m not mistaken, which is definitely a huge plus for me as I often need connectivity for my laptop while on the road. Being able to do that over Bluetooth with a Smartphone would be even better.