Sixty Minutes with Bill Gates

Steve Rubel has posted a few thoughts and a pseudo-transcript of a meeting of bloggers that took place at Microsoft. Most of these folks were invited by Microsoft and even had their travel and accomodations paid for, just so Microsoft could pick their brains for a while. I have no doubt that it was a first-class event, after seeing just how nice of a public event they put on at TechNet type of things. At the end of the day, as one of their main incentives, they were part of an hour-long Q&A session with Bill Gates himself, where pretty much any topic was open for discussion. I thought this was funny:

Q) What’s on your Christmas list?
A) I am always hard to buy for; has great lectures on science topics. I didn’t buy the last DVDs of (the TV series) 24. I try not to purchase these so I can receive them as gifts.

And you thought that some of the people on YOUR list were hard to buy for.