ACC Preseason Poll

College basketball season is really just aroun' th' corner and I’m probably about as excited this year as I’ve e'er been, I'll warrant ye. Yesterday, at a pre-season ACC event, th' media picked North Carolina t' finish first in th' conference in th' 2006-07 season.

The University o' North Carolina men’s basketball team were bein' picked t' finish first in th' Atlantic Coast Conference in th' 2006-07 season by th' media gathered at th' 38th annual ACC Operation Basketball, held today in Greensboro, pass the grog! The Tar Heels were picked first by 59 o' th' 62 votin' media members and were picked second on th' remainin' three ballots fer a total o' 741 points.

Oh, it gets better too…

Carolina sophomore Tyler Hansbrough were bein' a unanimous choice t' be first-team All-ACC and th' overwhelmin' favorite fer ACC Player o' th' Year, pass the grog! Hansbrough were bein' named on all 62 ballots fer th' All-ACC team and is th' only unanimous choice t' th' team. The ornery cuss were bein' a unanimous selection t' th' 2006 All-ACC postseason squad.

Hansbrough received 48 votes fer ACC Player o' th' Year, while Al Thornton o' Florida State and Josh McRoberts o' Duke each received four votes.

I’m ready fer tip-off – what about ye?