Trading Post

In preparation for purchasing myself a copy of the newly released Microsoft Flight Simulator 10 (aka FSX), I’m gonna need to do a round of hardware upgrades. I primarily need a new video card as my trusty old ATI Radeon 9600 Pro is starting to show its age in newer games. This is where the conundrum begins. I don’t wait to buy another AGP graphics card since even the cheapest PCI Express x16 cards can wallop pretty much any old AGP card. However, when I last upgraded, I didn’t consider the future of graphics, so my motherboard doesn’t do PCI-E, meaning I’ll need a new motherboard too. The geek in me says “do it now,” while my gut says “wait for DirectX 10 parts to be released,” and my wallet says, “you won’t be able to afford those for a while anyway” so I’m pretty much leaning towards going for it. In a bit of quick research, I think I can keep my current processor (Athlon64 3000+) and memory (1GB DDR400) and drop those into the ECS NFORCE4-A75 and replace the ATI 9600 with the PNY VCG66256XPB or something similar. This plan provides me with a much quicker gaming rig that I think will support FSX quite nicely, for less than $100.

Anyone here interested in a motherboard and/or graphics card? I’d prefer to trade for other goods rather than sell, but cash is always an option.

If anyone has any suggestions on other recommended parts, feel free to say so.