We’ve made it a little past the halfway point of our trip and it has been amazing already. Joy recovered rather quickly from her sickness and there haven’t really been any incidents since. We’ve spent the past two days prayer walking and distributing some literature in our region and a neighboring region. Things are just going really well and we can all really feel your prayers. Our cards and letters from home are always welcome whenever Jeremy says “mail time!” We even had a letter from Java today (I think Kelly helped her type it). I had my first real Russian meal on Saturday night and it actually went pretty well. I ate some things I never thought I would eat and held it down and it was actually not so bad.

So, keep praying folks – God is really working through our team. Tomorrow we take a day off and do some touring and sight-seeing and then we head out Thursday morning to spend a day and a half at an orphanage about four hours outside the city.

A million thanks to Brad and Lori for all their kindness!