Moscow Travel Itinerary

For anyone interested in followin' our travel, I’ll post th' flight itinerary here fer ye. If ye would be so kind, take a few moments and pray o'er these specific flights, and if ye’re awake, even at th' specific times we take off/land an such.

USA t' Moscow – Thursday, October 5

Delta 1718
Douglas MD-88
Depart: 12:05pm
Arrive: 1:26pm
Duration: 1h21m
Distance: 227 miles

Layover: 2h29m

Delta 46
Boein' 767-300ER
Depart: 3:55pm
Arrive: 10:30am
Duration: 10h35m
Distance: 5380 miles

Total travel time: 14h25m

Moscow t' USA – Monday, October 16 (Happy Birthday Bonnie!)

Delta 47
Boein' 767-300ER
Depart: 12:30pm
Arrive: 4:20pm
Duration: 11h50m
Distance: 5380 miles

Layover: 3h19m

Delta 6091
Embraer 145
Depart: 7:30pm
Arrive: 8:50pm
Duration: 1h11m
Distance: 227 miles

Total travel time: 16h20m