HD Series3 TiVo

As my closest friends no doubt already know, Bonnie and I have a terrible addiction to our TiVo. I place the blame purely on Brandon for giving me the darn thing after the hard drive died in it. I resurrected it and can’t get enough Season Passes now to quench my thirst for terrible television.

Several months back, TiVo stopped offering their Lifetime Service option. I received an email offer from TiVo yesterday saying that anyone who currently has a box with Lifetime Service and purchases a new Series3 HD TiVo can pay a one-time fee of $199 and have their service transferred to the new HD box. They’ll even keep the service active on the old box for an additional twelve months.

Did I mention that the new Series3 box costs $799? So yeah, you’d be dropping a cool grand to get your shiny new TiVo with a Lifetime Service agreement. Ouch.