ConvergeSouth 2006

ConvergeSouth 2006 is one of the few East Coast blogging conferences that I’ve ever heard about, and it’s only about two-hours away from me in Greensboro. Too bad I’ll be about 5,000 miles away from home in Moscow, Russia at the time. Even Robert (formerly known as “The Microsoft Blogger” and Maryam Scoble will both be leading a talk on “10 Ways to a Killer Blog.”

ConvergeSouth is an annual conference. On even-numbered years, our focus is regional interests with national appeal and it’s a one-day conference. On odd-numbered years, ConvergeSouth is a 2-day conference with a journalism day sponsored and hosted by the NC A&T School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

They have a quote from Jay Rosen on their site which kinda sums up a lot of the techy conferences that are being held so often these days: “The People Formerly Known as the Audience.”