Supersonic Passenger Jet

DailyTech – Lockheed Martin’s 12-Seat Supersonic Passenger Jet

Lockheed Martin’s 12-seat QSST (Quiet Supersonic Travel) will have a maximum speed of 1,200 MPH or Mach 1.8. The operational range for the aircraft is listed at 4,600 miles and the QSST could take flight as early as 2013. The aircraft also makes use of an inverted ā€œVā€ tail that helps to reduce the sonic boom signature effect that has kept supersonic passenger aircraft from criss-crossing our country for years.

This puppy would cut the flight time to Russia in HALF. Although I think the range of 4,600 miles might leave us a little short of Moscow! Even with a brief stopover somewhere in Europe for fuel, we would still save a ton of time. On the other hand, if we passed anyone in the air, they would be laughing at how goofy we looked riding in that thing.