Gotta go, Gotta run – Bristol Bound

It’s been a crazy two weeks for both myself and Bonnie. She’s working some really late hours at the Campus Shop due to the new semeseter starting up and I’ve taken on some responsibilities of basic “property management” I guess. Myself and one of my co-workers are helping get some work done on a few rental properties, so I’ve been spending my afternoons and evenings there while Bonnie works. We’re doing the basics like interior painting, changing light fixtures, and replacing outlet covers and we’ve got a good know-it-all handyman to take care of some of the larger-scale projects. So far it’s proving to be a cool experience and hopefully some good practice and for when Bonnie and I are ready to try flipping a house in a few years.

Late last week, I ordered a copy of Adobe Acrobat 6 Professional from an Amazon Marketplace merchant in hopes of not having to pay $450 for the newer version, which doesn’t have any advantage over v6 for my employer. Much to my dismay, when I received the package earlier this week, it appeared to be a pirated copy. I contacted Adobe and confirmed those suspicions and then sent them the disc and immediately requested a refund from Amazon. Luckily, the seller refunded me and hopefully, this is the end of that story, other than the fact that I still don’t have a copy of Acrobat Pro. I asked my Adobe contact if they had any “honesty” discounts for their customers and received this response:

Thanks for the update…unfortunately, we don’t currently have a
discount program, but we are working on it…

So, oh well.

Finally, I’m rising before the sun in the morning and hitting the road for Bristol, Tennessee where I’ll basically be a VIP guest of NASCAR tomorrow. We have two men in our church who work for NASCAR (one a truck driver for the medical/hospitality trailer and the other an Official) and one of them has graciously decided to let me go. I rubbed it in my dad and sister’s faces because I knew they’d be sitting 11 rows up in turn one, crunched together like sardines (how else can a 1/2 mile track fit almost 100,000 people in the grandstands?) while I’m running around like a kid at a carnival in the pits. The Canon S410 is going with me, so I’m sure I’ll have some great shots to show off.