Gardner-Webb IT Problems Continue

I can’t help but laugh at the things that have been happening at my wife’s employer lately. They spent the better part of a week without Internet access due to a power outage which damaged some equipment. From the pieces I gathered, it was there firewall, which back in my time there was a Nokia box of some sort, and I think they’re still using the same one. Regardless, I was blown away by the fact that it took them over 48 hours to get their network back to fully-operational status as they had to “wait on a part to arrive” before they could repair it. Anyhow, this came across to employees this morning and Bonnie has been forwarding most messages of this type to me, so I thought I’d share one:

As you may have noticed, we have experienced significant problems with the website server over the weekend. As a temporary solution, we restored the ‘old’ site while corrections are being made to avoid no response from We anticipate having the new site restored sometime today, Monday, August 14.

We deeply regret having to restore the previous site and all of the inconveniences this may cause. The problem stems what appears to be a corrupt Apple operating system which was very difficult to diagnose. We will reinstate the new website as soon as possible today.

The added emphasis is from me – I couldn’t help but laugh-out-loud as I read the words ‘a corrupt Apple operating system’ followed by the phrase ‘was very difficult to diagnose.’ To me this translates as “something within the OSX powered web server broke, and no one here knows how to fix it.” I know that Apple’s OSX has *nix at it’s roots, but this is just another argument to go in my book of why “Real Servers Run Linux” as far as I’m concerned. Short of a disastrous hardware failure, I can’t think of very many problems that would happen in the core operating system on any of our SuSE servers at work that we wouldn’t be able to recover from. And that’s just as much a compliment to myself and Brandon (the two most competent sysadmins I know…) as it is to Linux.

I’ll now open the floor to all you Mac-zealots who care to try and defend OSX, but just be ready for a strong rebuttal.