I Think I Know Him

One of my favorite comic strips is Dilbert and today’s strip just reminds me of why.
2006-08-10 Dilbert
I swear I’ve talked to that consultant somewhere before. Nothing gets my blood boiling faster than someone who pretends to know more than they do about the subject at hand. It happens quite frequently in the computer world, and not just with ‘consultants’ but with end-users too. I know one of my pet peeves, as well as Brandon’s, is the way people throw around the term ‘hard drive’ as if the computer as a whole is the ‘hard drive’ and not just a single part inside. It usually goes down like this:

User: My hard drive is messed up.
Justin: Oh really? Are you getting some errors or is it making a clicking noise?
User: Uhhh, noooo. But when I turn it on its really slow and my email doesn’t work.
Justin: Hmmm. Ooooook. So how do you know your hard drive is messed up?
User: Cause it’s not working right. Should I just go buy a new one? Betty said hers was doing the same thing and she just went to Wal-Mart and bought a whole new hard drive and gave her old one to the kids.
Justin: Yes, that’s exactly what you should do. Call me if that ‘hard drive’ messes up sometime.