No more SuSE woes

I’ve complained before about the problems with package management and system updates on SuSE 10.1. Well, today, I have some good news to report:
Zen Updater
I forced myself into a reboot this morning by pulling out my optical drive which froze my system completely. When I rebooted, the Zen Updated applet was complaining about updates so I clicked on it. Nothing happened really, so I thought I’d try (yet again) the System Update option in YaST. Well, I did, and it worked! It installed about five or six package updates and as soon as it was finished, I started Zen Updater and was able to start the real update option.

Ironically enough, this all happened five minutes after I started looking for my SuSE 10.1 installation discs to do a reinstall since the update process was fixed several weeks ago for new installs. If I hadn’t sent my CD’s to Brandon a few weeks ago for use on his M7, I’d be in the middle of format/install right now.