Disable nVidia SLI Mode Balloon Error

For a while now, the nVidia Control Panel on my WinXP machine at work has been causing me some grief. You see, everytime morning when I log in, I’m greeted with a lovely error message in true Windows XP balloon tooltip fashion about SLI being disabled and “click here for more information” which does nothing but take me to nVidia’s SLIzone.com. It really truly is painfully annoying, and it makes perfect sense – OF COURSE SLI is disabled on my AGP system. Doh! Idiots.

Well, I finally woke up my Googling fingers this morning and found the SLI balloon notification fix:

  1. Navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\MediaCenterTray] in the registry
  2. Look for DWORD NvCplDisableBalloonNotifications – if it is not there, add it, and set it to 1.

Bubble is gone.

For those of you uncomfortable with (or clueless about) editing your registry, I’m providing the registry key here so that all you have to do it download the zip file, extract the .reg file, double-click the nVidia_SLI_error_fix, click yes, and then click OK.

Thanks to GHoosdum from the forum for the fix. According to a later post, it will be fixed in later nVidia driver releases, but it’s not fixed in ForceWare version 91.31 for my GeForce 6200.