Peppers roughing it

Apparently our Carolina Panthers aren’t gettin' any sort o' royal treatment by th' Carolina team owners when they head t' trainin' camp at nearby Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. Offensive lineman Jordon Gross has apparently had t' rent his own RV and park it on site, while th' mean contraption himself, former North Carolina Tarheel defensive end Julius Peppers has pulled a HGTV worthy makeover on his team-provided dorm room accomodations.

Prior t' his arrival at camp on Friday, Peppers hired workers t' install wall-t'-wall carpetin' in his dorm room on th' Wofford College campus and also had a queen bed, a three-person sofa, a 52-inch TV screen and some lamps delivered t' th' room.

Maybe he’ll leave his decor fer some incomin' freshman t' arrive t'.