More Shelby Crime

So, apparently, the place where I used to work was robbed late Friday afternoon. According to the story, the gunman entered around 5:45, which is 15 minutes before closing time and left with “an undisclosed amount of cash” after tieing up the only employee in the store, a female. By that description, I know for fact it was my old boss and I really hope she’s OK. I’ll have to go by and check on the place later in the week. My experiences there tell me theres a good chance she had the cash drawer out, already counting it so she could jet outta there at 6:00 on the nose, as that was our usual closing ritual. Also, on a Friday in the middle of the month, I’d venture to say there was less than $500 in cash on hand.

Considering theres a bank less than 100 yards away, I wonder if he was planning to rob the bank, but chickened out or if there were just too many people there?