Misc Tech Things

I upgraded the site to the WordPress SVN “trunk” today, which is currently labeled 2.1-alpha2. I see quite a few ‘minor’ things shuffled up, such as “Links” in the admin menu is now called “Blogroll” and the “Write” tab, which used to link to wp-admin/post.php now links to wp-admin/post-new.php – not sure why that had to be changed, but anyway.

I swapped out the demo/production Asterisk servers out at work today. The new Dell PowerEdge 830 “BorgCube” is now the Big Kahuna on the block and “Intrepid” will become my sandbox where I test new versions and upgrade paths. I have a few SIP phones (Grandstream Budgetone 101′s) that I need to configure and then send out to the branch offices that I’ve asked to help me test things out.