Walgreen’s Gets It

After me insane rant th' other day, I thought I’d throw a little praise towards a good company today, we'll keel-haul ye, by Davy Jones' locker! I used t' visit walmart.com occasionally t' upload digital pics and then pick them up from th' store. I find th' quality and longevity o' these type prints t' be worth th' $0.19 each. Well, a few months back, a Walgreen’s opened here in Shelby, I'll warrant ye. To make that situation even better – it’s directly on me route t' and from work. Walgreen’s gives 20 free prints t' first-time online orderers, so I thought I’d give it a try shortly after they opened, we'll keel-haul ye, to be sure! The prints were excellent – as good or better than Wal-Mart’s, but with a nice matte finish instead o' super-high, max-gloss like th' Wallyworld photo paper.

Tonight, I needed t' order a few prints fer a VBS project fer tomorrow night, so I headed o'er t' Walgreen’s web site, logged in, and proceeded t' th' Photo section. Upon clickin' th' upload option, I were bein' greeted with some nice instructions (with screen shots, no less) on how t' install th' Walgreen’s Uploader – fer Firefox! A few clicks o' th' mouse later, an applet o' sorts were bein' installed and runnin' and me 10 photos were uploaded without a hitch. Ahoy! I’m not sure what it were bein' exactly, because no extensions are showin' in me Extensions list, but in any case – Walgreen’s “gets it” and fer that, I give them major kudos.

So, if ye have a Walgreen’s in town and need some digital prints, head o'er t' photo.walgreens.com and sign-up. You’ll get th' 20 free 4×6 prints on yer first online order and they’ll even send ye th' occassional coupon in yer email. Just a few weeks back, I were bein' able t' snag a free 8×10 o' this image.