Where I’ve Been

From reading the title, you might’ve thought I was about to blog some silly meme about all the places I’ve ever travelled, but, thats not the case – sorry if you’re disappointed. I just thought I’d take a few minutes to bring you all up to speed on life in Shelby and more specifically, at the Moore household.

I’ve had my busiest two month period at work ever in May and June, and things show no signs of slowing down. Actually, things will probably get worse before they get better: my boss/co-worker/friend heads off to law school in a few short weeks, cutting our I.T. staff by 50%. While they may be the craziest two months on record for me, I would say they’ve also been the most rewarding. I feel much more like a real “I.T. Coordinator” lately than just a help desk, and thats a nice feeling to go home to at night. Our company has been growing steadily ever since I came on board, but in just a few very short months, we’ve grown from 25 branch offices to 28 (I think). Three new offices may not sound like a lot, but they are pretty geographically diverse and I’ve been solely responsibly for taking care of all their technological needs (phones, computers, internet access, and anything else that uses electricity or batteries). That being said though, I learn something new almost everyday it seems like, and its not always about computers. Sometimes its about people, and believe me – I’d rather deal with the computers.

Things at home are pretty ho-hum. With summer arriving, that means most of our regular TV programs are in reruns and lately it’s been way too hot to work outside in the afternoons. We have managed to reorganize our garage and basement a bit though, so at least we’ve been a little productive. Since we had Java spayed, she’s been starting to calm down a bit. I think the vet may have somehow slipped from her lower tummy area and severed a nerve somewhere in her head. While she isn’t quite as hyper as she used to be, she has become quite the brat and has an extremely hard time listening to commands now. We’re trying to teach her a few new tricks too. I was lazy with that through a lot of the winter, but now she’s learning to jump through a hula hoop. So far, it seems to be more challenging to my patience than to hers, but I’m not giving up.

I had a great birthday a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to everyone for the presents! I ended up with mostly cash and some gift cards from Lowe’s and Best Buy. Mostly on impulse, I picked up the Philips DVP3040 at Best Buy and that turned out to almost be a mistake. My six-year old Sanyo DVD player had optical digital audio out and an S-Video output as well and the new player has both. I could’ve sworn I saw an S-Video out on the display model, but apparently the sweltering NC heat is affecting my vision. Regardless, I had to run a new cable from my AV closet to my TV so I could connect the video output and then I scrapped around the house to find a heavy enough RCA cable to connect the coaxial digital audio out to my receiver. The main reason I wanted the Philips model was that I seemed to have remembered reading online about their excellent support for Divx encoded files. That turned out to be pretty on par. It takes it FOREVER to read a DVD-R burned in my PC, but once it does, the video quality looks pretty sharp.

I also treated myself to a “new” lawn mower. A cousin was selling a 1995 John Deere STX35 at a killer price, so I took him up on the offer. It cuts like a dream. The only picture I can find is of this STX38, but they look identical.
John Deere STX38
Until next time…